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My Nuzlocke Challenge Rules.

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O.k. so last night I started my 1st ever Nuzlocke challenge. I'm using soul silver and the rules I've imposed upon myself are:

1. If a pokemon faints, it is dead and goes into the "heaven" box on my pc where it shall remain.

2. Only the 1st pokemon I find in each area may be caught. If I don't manage to catch it then I don't get any for that area.

3. All pokemon must be nicknamed.

4. No pokemart. Stalls, vendors or vending machines are fine, as are gifts from mother or npcs and found items.

5. Battle style must be "set"

6. No pokemon trades. (Including in-game trades with NPC's)

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  1. xanderthevampire's Avatar
    Oh! also If I can catch the first pokemon I see in an area then I have to.


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