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My Nuzlocke Challenge Part 1.

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by , 11th August 2012 at 12:41 PM (724 Views)
Ok. So I'm not going to write a story since it'd take too long and I'd really rather get on with the game so I'll just say what's happened so far. (Also there is a quick section on my pokemon so far at the end)

I chose a male cyndaquil as my starter as I've never used a fire starter before and named it Sonic. I named my rival Nuzlock. (wasn't enough room for Nuzlocke.)
I completed the intro portion of the game which was a real bore as I've played it so many times already. Routes 29 and 30 were unavailable as catching areas since I'd already been through them and battled wild pokemon during the intro but in route 46 (through the gateway building) I caught a male rattata which I named Nibbler. When I got to dark cave, I caught a female geodude and named it Jewel. (My fugly little princess lol.)
I exited dark cave and decided to train Nibbler and Jewel up a bit but was horrified when a wild rattata got a critical hit and took Nibbler away from me on route 31. [My first catch and my first loss. Nibbler I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sure you would have been an amazing pokemon. R.I.P.]

I failed to catch anything on route 31 but caught a female wooper called Ariel at the start of route 32. Both Sonic and Jewel levelled up quite well in sprout tower with Sonic learning ember and Jewel learning rock throw. Unfortunately, I also used up all my pokeballs in sprout tower trying to catch a ghastly which, ultimately, I was forced to kill. It was Jewel and her rock throw which carried me through my first gym battle netting me a win from Falkner. I then collected the egg from prof. Elms assistant and healed my pokemon, only to find them infected with pokyrus!

I headed down route 32 finding a couple of items including, I think, a great ball. I got 2 lure balls from a man in the pokecenter and walked through union cave where I caught nothing but did battle some trainers and find some items. On route 33, I caught an Ekans and called it orochimaru then, not long later the egg hatched so I named the togepi Cosmos and walked back to New Bark, training as I went. On the way back to Azalea town, in union cave, Sonic evolved into a quilava.

In Slowpoke well, I began fishing as soon as I entered and caught a magikarp. I called it Kai. I beat Team Rocket and challenged Bugsy who lost to Sonic. In the rival battle, however, I am sad to say, Orochimaru died. (As you may or may not know, poison pokemon are my favourites.) It was due to this, however, that I won the battle as Orochimaru managed to hold off Nuzlocks croconaw just long enough for me to use a potion on Cosmos and win. [R.I.P Orochimaru. You gave your life that other pokemon would live and you shall be avenged!]

I caught nothing in Ilex Forest but I did manage to catch a male abra with a fast ball in route 34 called Yoda. I caught Talon the male pidgey in route 35 and a male weedle in the bug-catching contest, I call Sting. Talon and Sting went into my pc. I caught nothing in route 36. Next I trained by challenging all the trainers in Goldenrod and the surrounding routes before realising I'd forgotten to get the rock smash HM. I backtracked to Violet City and got it.

When I returned to Goldenrod, I got Cosmos a haircut in the underground just to see what would happen since I've never done that before. (I thought it might show a picture of the pokemon with sparkles around it or something. It just said Cosmos was happy...) Yoda evolved into a kadabra against a wild pokemon in route 36. I challenged Whitney and won with a combination of Yoda, Cosmos and Jewel. Cosmos evolved into a togetic right after the battle.

I defeated the sudowoodo and caught a female stantler in route 37 and named it Olive but then a wild pokemon in route 36 killed Kai as my attempt to run failed. [R.I.P. Kai. You didn't get the chance to prove your worth but you didn't have to. I'm sorry you died before you could feel what it's like to be a majestic, powerful gyarados]

So there we have it. That's my nuzlocke run so far. Here's a brief rundown of my pokemon so far:-

Party (all with pokerus):

Sonic (M Quilava) lvl 19
quick attack

Cosmos (M Togetic) lvl 19
sweet kiss

Yoda (M Kadabra) lvl 19

Ariel (F Wooper) lvl 19
water gun
mud bomb
mud shot

Jewel (F Geodude) lvl 20
rock smash
rock throw

In pc box:-

Sting (M Weedle) lvl 12
poison sting
string shot

Talon (M Pidgey) lvl 14
quick attack

Olive (F Stantler) lvl 15


Nibbler (M Rattata) lvl 6
tail whip
quick attack

Orochimaru (M Ekans) lvl 11
poison sting

Kai (M Magikarp) lvl 14

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  1. Shiny Shinx's Avatar
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    I think you should add one more rule here:

    Catch all Shiny Pokemon. Failure to do so results in intesnt game over. (Something like that)

    What do you think?
  2. xanderthevampire's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny Shinx

    I think you should add one more rule here:

    Catch all Shiny Pokemon. Failure to do so results in intesnt game over. (Something like that)

    What do you think?
    Well if that was a rule it'd hafta have a bit tacked on saying "if its not the 1st pokemon you see it goes into the pc and you're forbidden to use it." Although I think my chances are pretty slim of findin 1 since I had 2 in my old save. Remember though, everyones nuzlocke is different. We pick the rules that suit our difficulty levels. I've seen nuzlockes easier than mine and I've seen a LOT harder ones.


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