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  1. My Nuzlocke Challenge: The Great Route 47 Massacre!!

    I know I just updated my blog but this had to be reported ASAP.

    In an event to be forever known as "the great route 47 massacre" 3 pokemon were injured and 2 were killed in a double battle against a Magmar and an Electabuzz on route 47 heading to the safari zone. Using state-of-the-art poketranslator technology we have a statement from Tails, the traumatised Jolteon who witnessed the whole thing from his pokeball.

    "It was horrible! My trainer sent me ...
  2. My Nuzlocke Challenge Part 2.

    O.k. So it's been a while since I've updated my Nuzlocke. I've had toothache so haven't really done much on it but here's what's happened since my last post.

    I replaced the late Kai with Olive in my party and explored olivine city, Ecruteak City, Mahogany town and all the routes connecting them, trining as I went. In route 38, I caught a male Raticate called Gnasher, in route 42 I caught a female Mareep I named Leia and in Mt Mortar, I caught a Zubat named Vlad. I replaced Olive in ...
  3. My Nuzlocke Challenge Part 1.

    Ok. So I'm not going to write a story since it'd take too long and I'd really rather get on with the game so I'll just say what's happened so far. (Also there is a quick section on my pokemon so far at the end)

    I chose a male cyndaquil as my starter as I've never used a fire starter before and named it Sonic. I named my rival Nuzlock. (wasn't enough room for Nuzlocke.)
    I completed the intro portion of the game which was a real bore as I've played it so many times already. Routes ...
  4. My Nuzlocke Challenge Rules.

    O.k. so last night I started my 1st ever Nuzlocke challenge. I'm using soul silver and the rules I've imposed upon myself are:

    1. If a pokemon faints, it is dead and goes into the "heaven" box on my pc where it shall remain.

    2. Only the 1st pokemon I find in each area may be caught. If I don't manage to catch it then I don't get any for that area.

    3. All pokemon must be nicknamed.

    4. No pokemart. Stalls, vendors or vending machines ...