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Stupid Headache

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by , 22nd January 2012 at 10:06 AM (208 Views)
Ugh, a idiotic headache woke me up and I started to get slightly worried that I whould go back and stay at a hospital again if it turns into a Complex Migraine. Stayed at the hospital for 2 nights from Tuesday the 3rd to thursday the 5th if you guys for what ever reason curious. I hate complex migraines and that its actually could be my new "Norm" for my migraines. If you don't know what a complex migraine is, it is a migraine that shares some of its symptoms with a stroke[such as slurred speach] (or atleast the definition of the Complex Migraine that I got). Atleast I have a doctors appoitment tomorrow and ask how will the migraine medicine that disperces the migraine once it starts how it will effect my heart with my heart condition (Have a genetic heart condition that i can't remember the name of)

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