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  1. Random Pokemon Game Suggestions

    Improved Character Customization
    With GF allowing PC’s to be customized, albeit on the basic side, I would like to see GF to improve this feature with one of 2 Options.

    Option 1: Complete and Total Control
    Option 1 is allowing us to have control over the PC’s skin tone, eye color, height, and what not. And have the PC’s mother to have the same or comparatively similar skin tone

    Option 2: GTAO-esque System
    Option 2 is to borrow and adapt the GTAO ...
  2. Stupid Headache

    Ugh, a idiotic headache woke me up and I started to get slightly worried that I whould go back and stay at a hospital again if it turns into a Complex Migraine. Stayed at the hospital for 2 nights from Tuesday the 3rd to thursday the 5th if you guys for what ever reason curious. I hate complex migraines and that its actually could be my new "Norm" for my migraines. If you don't know what a complex migraine is, it is a migraine that shares some of its symptoms with a stroke[such as slurred ...