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  1. Welp, TPP is going to play Blaze Black 2

    I hope for their sake they manage to find that forced evolution code. Under penalty of DEATH. There was one for Black 2, but one needs to be adapted for Blaze Black 2. Apparently after this, X&Y are not out of the question, and pure anarchy Red might be a thing.
  2. Crappy Vet

    So today was super crappy. Last night I spent the night at my mother’s house to spend time with her before she goes to Arizona for a month. Her dog was recently hit by a car, which knocker her elbow out of place, and thus she had to get surgery, and it is being held by permanent stitches, a splint, and bandage. However yesterday because her idiot boyfriend wasn’t watching the dog right, she chewed the cast thingy down to the splint. Today we took her to the vet, calling them beforehand. They ...

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  3. Big Brother wants to know you traded in your games at Gamestop!

    Some time between my purchase of Kirby: Triple Deluxe on its launch date and my trading-in of said Kirby game for credit towards my Smash 3DS pre-order today, a strange change took place at my local Gamestop. (The stuff in the spoiler tags is just me going into story-telling mode, you can skip it if you want.)

    General Hospital
  4. Conjecture on the Typing and Ability of Crystal Onix

    From *Tag* You're it V2

    Quote Originally Posted by Starry Oblivion View Post
    @Crystal Onix; If Crystal Onix was an Onix form in game, what type, stats and ability would you make it have?
    I would make it ??? type, give it maximum in all base stats, and the ability Instant Victory.

    We need to set down a few parameters.

    We know that Crystal Onix takes more damage from fire than regular onix do, and
    it appears to be immune to water.
  5. pokemon randomizer meme!

    i saw this on a deviantart journal and i thought it would only be appropriate to post it here! uwu

    Pokemon Randomizer: randompokemon.com/
    (Switch to "All Regions" and "1") Only one Pokemon per question. Tag one or more people when you're finished.

    1. This Pokemon is your best friend.

    ahhhh one of my favorite starters!!

    2. This Pokemon is your boss ...
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