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most troll team I have ever seen.

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by , 20th February 2012 at 03:46 PM (879 Views)
Okay so I am kind of new to competitive battling. I've started a month ago. I think I finally found an OU team I like (I do a lot of practice and testing on PO) and one kind of team it just can't put a dent in is baton pass teams. Start with ninjask, multiple subs which I can't even touch with choice scarfed staraptor. There's also a smeargle with ingrain on the team which becomes too fast for me to stop. Also has 2 eeevolutions with baton pass and more boosting moves. scizor and gliscor to boot. Taunts don't last to long and only my slow jellicent has that.

So do I need to waste a pokemon's moveslot with haze in order to help me deal with these teams? or more priority move pokemon?

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  1. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
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    There are multiple ways to screw up baton passing teams. Using a Pokemon who can use Roar/Whirlwind is one such method. Setting up stealth rock to mess up Ninjask or using a fast taunter like Gliscor can also help. And using the move Perish Song is a foolproof way to deal with this strategy unless he has mr. mime which is unlikely. Setting up toxic spikes is also a great way to stop them. Finally tricking choice items to some key mon in the chain can also mess it up. Smeargle can be easily massacred with something like Lucario and Conkeldurr.

    Since you are talking about "2 Eveelutions", I assume that your rival team might have Espeon, in which scenario some of these strategies will fail. Espeon + baton pass has been repeatedly nominated as suspect at smogon, since there is next to no way to stop espeon apart from crits. The key is to keep up the pressure because I have myself been swept by Ninjask + Baton pass. The user 2NE1 once used it against it me with devastating impact.
  2. AshK's Avatar
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    thanks for the advice! I shall try these things.


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