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Using the elevator

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"You need the exercize" "Get annie to help you find the stairs" "You're capable."
Is it my fault that the elevator is in an excessible location and the stairs are impossible to find? also, often the place i go in the building is not too far from the elevator and by what i hear, the stairs are completely out of my way to the point where even if i found them, the rout i'd take from the stairs to the place i'm going would be so long and confusing that i'd call it redundant.
On the other hand, when i take the elevator up, i walk in the dores of the building, enter the hall, go down it through the lobbey and there are sets of elevator dores with an up and down button. i'm going to let's say the tv room on the 2nd floor or the restaurant on the 4th floor. the tv room (room 203) is right across from the elevator, you litteraly walk from the elevator across the hall and rooms 201 and 202 are to your left, 204 and 205 to your right and right there is room 203. there are 7 floors in the building and i think each floor has 89 or 93 or so different rooms on each floor in the place annie and i were staying in when we went to annie's uncle's funeral, you know, the one that i ranted about the westboro baptist church ruining.
anyway, annie was already in the movie room and we and some other pokemon fans gathered to watch Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. I went down to get some cups from the restaurant and a lady snapped at me for using the elevator on the way back up, saying that i'm young and capable and need my "exercise" and that i can take the stairs. She doesn't even offer to show me where the stairs are and i tell her why i'm going up, and she tells me that i should have came down with annie and gotten her to show me where the stairs are. (for the record, annie doesn't even know where the stairs are, besides, everyone uses the elevator anyway, including this 24 year old shit head who snapped at me)
the next day,, i went up with a couple of garbage bags to go to our room we were staying in (room 339) when a different person decided to snap at me for using the elevator to go to the 3rd floor and not using the stairs to go up. using the same arguments "You're perfectly capable of walking up the stares" and "You need your exercise!" for one, when i'm going somewhere, i don't care about the exercise, and besides i can't find the goddamn stairs anyway, so even if i wanted to use them i obviously can't if i don't know where they are and the complainents aren't willing to show me where they are.
Also, there is a set of stairs at the end of the lobbey but they're behind a firedoor that sounds an alarm when you open them, so those ones are out of the question.
People, don't snap at me for using the elevator to go to the 2nd floor if the stairs are not in a place that i can find, or if someone decided to put them behind an alarm sounding door. i didn't build the damn building, so what am i supposed to do.
also, even if i did find the stairs, why take them if my destination is so close to the elevator and so damn far away from the stairs? in other words, don't bitch at me for things i can't help. if you know the building then show me where they are or don't complain about it, and i'm not dragging annie around everywhere especially if i get a good idea of my routs that do use the elevator, mmkay? thanks, and if you've ever had experiences similar to this, whether it be any type of elevator issue, or a bitchy person that tells you to go somewhere but doesn't give you so much as a hint as to where it is, then leave it in the comments. thanks.

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