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Troll status and false information

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A two part rant.
Trolls. we all hate them. we don't need them. but what exactly is a troll? the term has been misused by a plethora of people on a myriad of different websites all over the damn place.
Hell, even people who break the rules in a minor way is slapped with a troll label. that's not fair at all damn it!
People who disagree with a majority end up either being labeled as trolls or accused of "trollish" behavior.
Look, not everyone who breaks rules on the internet is a god damn troll! I may have broken a few rules on bulbapedia, and i'm sorry for that, but does that mean i'm a troll? no! it just means that i've made a mistake. you shouldn't have to hug your ass to the rule books in order to avoid acusations and falsely given troll status, i mean come on!
Speaking of bulbapedia and other such encyclopedia sites, sometimes people put information on the site that they believe with reason to be true. now if it turns out to be false, it's not the editor's fault, it's the source's fault. for example, Henrietta Million. Now if it turns out that all the info i put on bulbapedia and 14 other sites is false, then it's not my fault that it's false, is it? Sure, i believed it to be true, and i believe that mr. million proved himself to me, but if it's all false, it's not my fault, it's his fault for giving me the info and making it seem legit.
yes i added the info and i'm to blame for ading the info, but not for it being false,( just as a wikipedia editor doesn't deny ading the info but he's just not willing to take the blame for it being false, simply because it isn't his fault that the info is false if it is.) What am i supposed to do, gain psychic powers and read his mind? oh i wish i could, i wish i could read the minds of many people. but i'm not a troll for ading that info whether it be true or false, and if it is false, it's not my fault, and i refuse to take the fall for it. i added it but i didn't create it.
It's the same on Wikipedia, it's the same on any other informative website. If the info is false, then it's not the editor's fault it's the source or origins' fault for putting false info into the hands of an editor and disguising it as legitimit info.
Youtube it's the same. People are labeled as trolls for giving wrong info. sinse when is it so bad to have messed up? People make mistakes, and ones that they regret. that doesn't mean that they can't do good, does it? (looking at you kogoro, shout out! hello!) that said, people, be careful who you label as a troll, because some people take offence to it. and don't blame editors for info that may in the near or far future turn out to be false, and if it is false, then politely explain (be wordy) how it's false. I'm not saying the info i added to bulbapedia is false and i'm not saying that the info that anyone added to any site is false, i'm just saying if it is, blame the source, not the messenger. (don't shoot the messenger)
now i'm going to go and try to beet story mode on mario party 3 again. it's giving annie and i a hard time. see you, and annie says hi.

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Updated 30th December 2012 at 11:44 AM by Azumarill39 (sorry if this isn't gramaticly correct, i suck at grammar, big time!)



  1. Abba's Avatar
    [QUOTE]If the info is false, then it's not the editor's fault it's the source or origins' fault for putting false info into the hands of an editor and disguising it as legitimit info.[/QUOTE]

    True dat.
    As you say, if the source makes it look legit and you take it as such, then yeah, you can't really tell if it's true or not, can you? But look at it this way, the wiki-mods can't read [I]your[/I] mind either. They don't know if you think it's legit or not, they don't know if you're making a genuine mistake, or purposely posting false information. And for those who do indeed intentionally post bad info, saying they thought it was true is, I would imagine, a common excuse.

    Look at it from both sides, boi.
  2. Azumarill39's Avatar
    Those people who intentionally post false info and use "i didn't knwo" ruin it for people like me who genuinely can't tell if it's false. they give mods a reason to be like "Why should i believe you?" even if they don't say it. so yeah, i see what you're saying.
  3. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    I have been called a troll on WoW just for asking if there was any way to get into the Goblin starting zone after their questline, or even without being one. Yes, I didn't realize the place was destroyed, it was the first damn time I ever played a damn Goblin, excuuuuse me Oh your majesty of a game for asking a stupid question. Seriously, a You can't, because the place blew up would have been better (And apparently, being a female Blood Elf when asking the question, got some refusal because they are dicks).

    To be honest, the word Troll has taken over the word Noobs, you know what people need to know the freaking meaning of Troll/Noob and there's a different between a newbie, newbises are either of them, yet accused of it. Sheesh, and they end up wondering why so many sites and games get a bad reputation. That's your answer people.
  4. Azumarill39's Avatar
    they called you a troll? for asking a questoin? that's bull shit! BUUUULL SHIIIIIIIT!
  5. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    I know, okay was it stupid? Yes, because the Island blew up, and I am not sure if this is before I played them (Probably before I played Goblins, I don't like that race on WoW, so I wanted to get to the Island without having to play one), but it doesn't give them a right to call me a troll.
  6. Azumarill39's Avatar
    if you're new to the game, then how are you supposed to know something? it's not fair! people, a troll is someone who says stuff online with the intent to piss us off, and they are more often then not very very obvious. an example is Jared Milton, Eric Douglace, or Chris Chan. (chringes at chris chan's first name)