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spax 3 message (fixed)

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dear spax(originaly wrote in 2009, offensive term removed)

i'm going to ask you to read this carefully, and to take in all that i have to say.
1. quit the "mighty noid" shit.
noid if you didn't know is a character used in Domino's Pizza advertisements in the 80s.
2. quit abusing your mother's status as an attorney. you do realize that if this shit continues, you could potentially lose her her job, right?
3. if you don't like Jason Grifith's sonic voice, then simply don't play the new sonic games. don't bother reviewing them because obviously he's going to be voicing sonic for years to come. also it's not going to make ryan drummand look good either.
note that drummand did not want to move to new york in order to continue doing the voices, so it's not like Jason forced Ryan out of the job, i mean good grief spax.

spax, listen to me. you have got to start thinking about how all this shit is going to effect your social status, and your status in the online comunity. right now, it's not looking too good, is it now?
I have a question for the legal experts on bulbagarden:
What do you think of Spax3's threats to sue Lauren? and what about him removing the videos on youtube that are commentaries, parrodies, reviews and rants about him under his "mighty noid entertainment" copyright infringement clames?
personally i think that he knows shit all about the legal system, and that he needs to get his shit in order before he goes about throwing mud at us. that's just me though, i'm going to wait for an expert to comment on this, and confirm my suspicians that spax is making all this shit up.
according to the US copyright office, there is no "mighty noid entertainment" at all, so there you go spax, disprooven again, ha ha for you!
Roger Craig Smith is now the voice of sonic, there you go spax.

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