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re: jared milton

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by , 5th December 2012 at 05:35 PM (1036 Views)
Ok, i hear that Jared Milton is supposed to be joking about the things he says online, or at east he says he's joking, but really jared? you're being racist and that's not funny. also, insulting people who like Pokemon, Mario, Legend of Zelda and Minecraft don't really help your case at all either. and the whole justin bieber thing? well, i'm not even going to go there.
Here's the thing jared: Some people are able to change very very minor racist sounding things into genuine humour which is a miricle that they mannage to pull off, but you on the other hand are not one of these people. For the love of Kirsty Hawkshaw, you really need to be careful what you say jared.
oh, and annie and i watched your video about getting a girlfriend shortly after we got home from winnipeg thismorning, and annie said that you shouldn't really be shirtless in your videos, so i'm just going to take her word for it and i don't want to go into details about it.
I know i'ts unlikely that you'll ever read this jared, but i just want to get it out to you: For the love of Kirsty Hawkshaw, cut the shit jared, and maybe people wil quit hating on you. nobody deserves hate like that, but you're giving people reasons to hate you. that "stop hating on me" video you posted, yeah, you're not going to get people to stop at the rate that that video's going in, sorry dude, but no.
so i ask that you stop trying to "be funny" untill you learn about what is actualy humorous. you're almost as bad as that onision person, please do not stoop to his level, thanks.
and readers, if you do want to check out who jared milton is, you've been warned, it's rather disterbing, thanks.

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