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peta justifies their killing of animals

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Here's peta's latest newsletter:
Back in January, PETA sent out a news release about the number of sick, injured, elderly, and otherwise unadoptable animals we had to euthanize during the previous year. PETA openly publishes these figures every single year and simultaneously calls on the government and citizens to help promote anti-chaining ordinances (many of the dogs our caseworkers encounter are aggressive or horrifically neglected after having been chained outside for their entire lives), to help reduce the cost of euthanasia of old and ill animals who belong to people with a low income (these account for many of the animals PETA helps), and to implement sterilization programs and laws to reduce the homeless-animal crisis.

Santana had facial injuries so serious that his right eye
was swollen shut and his jaw was broken.

In other words, old news is now being regurgitated with a vindictive spin by--among others--a front group for Philip Morris, Outback Steakhouse, KFC, cattle ranchers, and other animal exploiters that kill millions of animals every year--and which do so not out of compassion but out of greed. Before falling prey to the hysteria, please have a look at and

PETA's statistics are also often used, as they are being used now, in a truly perverted way by some "no-kill" evangelists to try to turn people away from the "evil" of what is actually a dignified, merciful release from suffering. They never give a complete picture, and they always use inflammatory language and labels like "puppies" and "kittens," even if the animal was a 17-year-old dog who was unable to breathe properly because of a heart condition. Such people are sure that if you shuffle enough animals around from shelters to hoarders' basements or just throw stones at shelter workers and call them "psycho" and so on, people will join their ranks. But they offer no realistic solution to the multiple tragic problems associated with easily acquired and easily discarded "pets."

Anyone who reads our website or receives our newsletters, in which we discuss this issue regularly, knows that PETA has a division that does hands-on work with animals. We run a shelter but in the most merciful way. We help--because no one else will--the animals who are society's rejects in the area near our Virginia headquarters. These animals are aggressive, feral, on death's door (often with large tumors hanging from their bodies), or otherwise unadoptable. We have published many blog posts about our caseworkers' heartbreaking work over the years, and more information can be found at

It's important to note that the figures used by anti-PETA campaigners are deliberately chosen because they are just the euthanasia figures. They do not include perspective -- i.e., the more than 10,000 dogs and cats PETA provided with no-cost to low-cost spay and neuter surgeries and other veterinary services in the last 12 months alone, the hundreds of animals delivered to large high-traffic shelter facilities for adoption, the counseling and aid services that PETA provides in order to enable people to keep and properly care for their animals, and the animals we have put up for adoption, like the cat currently featured on our website, whom we nursed back to (almost) good health and who is still seeking a permanent home.

The "no-kill" shelters in the area surrounding PETA's headquarters, like many such places that sing the "no-kill" refrain for fundraising purposes, actually not only refuse admission to animals (because they are constantly "too full") and reject dogs and cats who are injured, sick, or dying but also refer these "undesirable" animals to PETA, which bears the veterinary or euthanasia costs. For more information on this topic, visit

Diamond was suffering from a painful facial tumor that was slowly eating away at his face.

This dog was suffering from advanced cancer.

Big Girl was still alive when a field worker found her.

People who are shocked to learn how many healthy or adoptable animals have to be euthanized annually or are questioning PETA's euthanasia record should ask themselves if they are spaying and neutering their own animal companions, helping people with a low income "fix" theirs, adopting from shelters instead of buying from breeders and pet stores, funding education campaigns about proper animal care and adoption (among other things), and demanding higher animal-protection standards in their own communities. They should also look carefully at the photographs of the animals who come out of the impoverished areas that PETA serves. Of course, they should definitely not be eating or wearing animals or their skins, using products tested on animals (who are usually killed at the end of the tests), or engaging in any activity that results in killing animals not out of mercy but for selfish reasons.

PETA is proud to continue to stand tall and roll up its sleeves to help animals.

You can help, too, by sharing this information on Facebook, always having animals spayed or neutered, always adopting from shelters, and never buying animals from pet stores or breeders.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals "
Now, i don't believe that animals should suffer, and i believe that euthanasia should be an absolutely very last resort.
What are your views on peta's latest news?
ps, i'm still pretty skeptical peta, i have a hard time believing that you help that many animals. At least you are admitting to euthanizing animals now, but only because of 2008 revealings, and we both know it.

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  1. Master Mew's Avatar
    They never give a complete picture, and they always use inflammatory language and labels like "puppies" and "kittens,"

    Stopped reading.
  2. Azumarill39's Avatar
    They're too high to realize they're dreaming.
  3. Azumarill39's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Master Mew;bt280468]>.>

    Stopped reading.[/QUOTE]
    I know how you feel, if you like, skip the rest of the news letter and read the stuff outside the quotations, i have the news letter in quotes.
    I know how you feel though, peta's clearly scrambling now adays, their undoing is near, i can sense it.
  4. SquishyFace's Avatar
    I remember when I was younger, I thought PETA was kinda cool because they "helped" animals and the rest of that stuff, but now that I look at it, they're just a bunch of assholes who would be more comfortable killing people than accidentally stepping on their dog's feet. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. But I feel that if a PETA member saw me playing with my dog when I was a little kid, they would probably call me an animal abuser (because I used to accidentally poke his eyes while playing, but he never snapped back) and try to take my dog away.
  5. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    PETA dosent really help animals, they kill the majority of animals given to them, most of which are healthy and adoptable but I dont think they even try to give them homes, just euthanize them. Shelters at least give them a chance. They also hate no-kill shelters, which will keep animals and not euthanize them generally unless the animal is sick and suffering. While yes, they do turn away animals do to space constraints they also do a lot to help them.

    My shelter is no-kill, they are well known in the community and get a lot of support and donations(recently a local gym raised a huge amount of money and donated it to them) They have a spay/neuter clinic and all animals that come to them are spayed and neutered. I adopted my cat from this shelter, who had had kittens which all got adopted out and she was brought to the shelter after they were all gone. People often foster the animals for my shelter, which allows them to be in a home environment with people and allows their personality to come out. In the shelter they can get cage crazy,stressed and scared. Id foster if I could but Im not allowed :( So they do good and arent horrible like PETA wants you to believe. They also take the majoity of their animals from shelters that do euthanize, freeing us space in them and saving more animals.
  6. Kree's Avatar
    Whenever PETA tries to justify anything I say "tsk, tsk" and walk away.
  7. Helioptile's Avatar
    Anti PETA post? Quick, say something clever and agreeable and get a crap ton of likes!
  8. Azumarill39's Avatar
    peta calls words like "puppy" and "kitten" enflamitory? then what do they think of these words: Peta, tell the truth.
    For you at least, it's all about the money money money, you only want our money money money.
    You don't care about the creatures.
    you just want to be featured, it's true.
    well, you're featured alright peta, featured for what you really are, in the many rants i've posted about you, and that various people have posted about you across the internet.
    how's that for a price tag?
    Updated 9th April 2013 at 05:07 PM by Azumarill39