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park jae-sang vs Gregory James Daniel

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Recently, Onision made a video about how Psy hates america, basing it on a song that psy contributed to in 2002-2004.
in this song, psy says to kill the americans or something like that.
ok onision, let's look at this, shall we?
Everyone's heard gangnam style, right?
well, apparently gangnam style is evil and satanic, because the singer of it, hates america. wait, aren't you supposed to be atheist greg?
we all know that even though this happened 10 years ago, psy still feels that way, because he's the only one who hates George W bush, and everyone knows that he's the only singer to have protested the war in iraq.
Psy after gaining celebrity status world wide after his hit gangnam style decided to tour the hated nation of America which he hates so much, even to perform for the president of this most villainous country we all know of.
oh yes, because we all know that greg is always right, so gangnam style is evil, and psy is borderline terrorist status, and that nobody should care about how it must have felt for psy around that time. imagine, knowing that your family members are in danger of being killed because of some foreigners coming into your country. yeah, that doesn't feel bad at all, does it. it feels absolutely positively miraculous, so miraculous that Psy decided to express his utter happiness for that situation.

greg, did you ever think about how psy may have felt in that sich? you probibly didn't. 10 years have passed greg, 10 whole years. things have changed in thos 10 years, obviously including Psy's view of America.
everyone changes in 10 years, i mean i'm probibly not the same as i was back in 2003, am i? no.
let's also keep in mind that Bush is no longer president of the United States. When Psy made that statement in the song, it was during Bush's reign as president, and bush was stiring up a lot of shit back then, shit that future presidents have to clean up.
obviously people are going to hate bush for this shit, and psy is no exception.
if someone at your school who was running for class president had this for a campaign, would you voat for them?:
"Voat for me, and i'll start a war against the class in rooms 203 and 236. voat for me and us here in room 214 will rule the school, and all will be under my power!"
I wouldn't, because imagine how the other classes would feel twards 214 if that kid's campaign succeeded. it's something that needs careful consideration here greg.
now i know that bush didn't have a campaign like that when he was running, but i'm sure that if psychick pokemon existed and showed the world what Bush would become, nobody would voat for him, and Psy wouldn't have to make that statement, would he?

there you go greg, i just countered your arguments, deal with it.

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  1. Abba's Avatar
    I look forward to the day that you post a blog that doesn't complain about this Onision guy.
  2. Azumarill39's Avatar
    Because of this comment, i'm going t o do more onision blog posts.
    also, where have you been sinse august 2012?
  3. Abba's Avatar
    [QUOTE=The Catalyst;bt274424]Because of this comment, i'm going t o do more onision blog posts.[/QUOTE]

    That's [I]exactly[/I] the reaction I was hoping for. Keep it goin', buddy.

    [QUOTE]also, where have you been sinse august 2012?[/QUOTE]

    got my bitch ass banned
  4. Azumarill39's Avatar
    well then damn to the person who banned you, you missed quite a few of my best entries then
  5. Abba's Avatar
    lol all the blogs suck
    all of them
    especially mine