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Movie Music in the dub (seasons 2-10)

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by , 29th March 2013 at 10:46 AM (406 Views)
what do you think about how the dub used music from Mewtwo Strikes Back, Pikachu's Vacation, The Power of One and Pikachu's Rescue adventure in a lot of places in the dub? mewtwo strikes back and pikachu's vacation music started to be used more and more by late season 2, and music from the Power of One and Pikachu's Rescue adventure were phased in around season 4. starting in season 5, it was verry common for music from either of the two movies or pikachu shorts to appear, with some showing up in almost every episode untill mid way into season 9 (in season 9, they used 4kids music for every even numbered episode except for the second one.) come at least episode 464, movie music in the dub became less common place, and happened only once in a while, similar to how it was in mid season 4, and other episodes had a season 1 feel to the background music. (again, every even numbered episode of the season.)
Come Diamond and Pearl, i could count the number of episodes that used movie music from the dub of the first two movies and their pikachu shorts on one hand. (4 episodes i found.)
What do you think of these decisions with the music, and which one did you like best:
Season 2-3 (mewtwo strikes bak and Pikachu's vacation music appearing once in a while)
Season 4 (Introduction of movie 2 and short 2 music, still only used once in a while)
Season 5-mid season 9 (Almost every episode featuring music from either of the first two movies and pikachu shorts, or even both movies and pikachu shorts)
Later Season 9-season 10 (Movie music appearing not very often)

I personally like seasons 5-8 as it had more variety in it. What are your views?

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  1. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
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    When it comes to the dub music in general, I liked Seasons 1-10 the best. Since Season 11, it's just been "meh" everytime I hear the dub music. Dunno what happened, but DuArt's scores are more boring and dull than 4Kids and TAJ's scores. One of the only things I preferred in the TAJ dub to DuArt's dub, actually, is the dub music. Why take away the 4Kids BGM and the decent stuff TAJ made in favor of your home-grown stuff when, fact is, you can't compose near as powerful or moving music, DuArt?

    Sure all three dub companies used synthesizer music, but 4Kids' and TAJ's BGM got you pumped for the show. Excited. You could still laugh and cry when you hear their stuff. With DuArt, you have to hear the JPN BGM they use, or you don't derive any emotion from it, IMO.

    Of them, I do agree that Seasons 5-8 had the best use of movie music. What stood out to me was the episode "A Poached Ego!" in Season 6, in which the dub did a great job using the "Tears of Life" soundtrack from the first movie, when JJM were attacked by the Poacher's Tyranitar. I admit Eric Stuart was not up to his usual standard as James in the episode (I think he forgot James has his serious moments in the episode), but the movie BGM made up for it and made the scene really dramatic and heartwarming. :)
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    Updated 29th March 2013 at 12:04 PM by Pokémon Master Ash
  2. Azumarill39's Avatar
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    Yes, a poached ego really uses that song wel, i actually cried a little when i heard that song in that scene.
    There's an episode within the seasons 5-8 range that used this really cool song from the 2nd movie, the song in question is the one that plays while the reporter and the professors are talking about how the under water current will sweep around the globe's oceans and flood the entire plannet. It's a spacey song, and i wish i could remember which episode that was that used it quite a bit, i know it went really well and kept giving me shivvers.