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Kerry the printer.

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by , 5th May 2013 at 10:24 PM (181 Views)
that's what you said.
packing me up into a box.
but why?
i'm just a printer!
true, i was built in 1987, and i love to sing.
but what's wrong with that?
i ask you what?
if i'm obsolete, then how come you changed my ink ribben last weak?
surely they make more, don't they?
i saw you carry in that box, a box full of 12 new cartrages for me.
when you last changed my ribben there were still 9 left.
i still had plenty of paper too.
but alass, and alack.
you just can't appreciate me any more.
you hate it when i sing, you say i'm too big.
well sorry for my size, i was just built this way.
and i don't screach, i sing, ok? got it?
I print what you want, even when you piss me off.
i like printing so much that i can't help but sing.
my 24 pins do their job just right.
my carrage moves smoothly and my rollers are right.
the paper feels good, and the power does to.
electricity, i will miss. but most of all i'll miss you.
but why, oh why must you throw me away?
why do you wine about my singing all day?
all you do is yap yap yap.
on the phone, at your desk, hell even in the other room.
i hear you, you're louder, even than me.
you try to muffle my beautiful voice.
but still, i print, i print for you.
reports, and documents, and all of that stuff.
so how could you throw me so unceremoniously away?
i did nothing wrong, i still work okay?
i hope that you learn to not be so crule.
I wish for you to put me back on the desk, where i long to be.
so i can once again, sing for you.
as i print, and print, myself into happiness...
(gets unplugged)
and that is the storry of kerri the panasonic 24 pin dot matrix printer. (idea by annie)

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  1. Catilena1890's Avatar
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    ;3; this was not helpful to me at all. *huggles Kerry the printer* I will take you home and love you T3T

    Nice poem, lol. I never thought I'd feel sorry for a printer.
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  2. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
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    Not all dot matrix printers get to be rock stars, unfortunately.

    A Simple Text File - Man or Astroman? - YouTube
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