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Christian's life

I blog on stuff related to pokemon and not related to pokemon. i have the following blog types:
Christain rants: where i rant about stuff
Christian wants to know: where i ask about stuff
Christian's review: where i review a movie, episode of a show, or whatever.
Christian's status update: where i fill people in on things such as the latest pokemon movie or something like that.
Comments of all types are highly encouraged. I'm open to all types of comments, whether it be critecism or praze.
Note: most of my pokemon knowledge (99%) comes from the english dub of the Pokemon Anime. I've never watched the japanese versions as i am blind and do not understand japanese, and i've never played the gameboy games. i've tried pokemon snap, Hey you Pikachu, and other anime based games, and that's about it.
Comment away everybody, and mostly, i hope you like my blogs. thanks.

  1. Scooby doo or Garfield - guest stars

    which one of these animated movie series do you think that one or more of these guest stars is more likely to appear in? and why?
    Movie series to choose from:
    Scooby Doo
    (Note: i'm only counting the animated ones)

    Guest star
    choices: (note: if you don't know who they are, just google them)
    Jessie J.
    Annie Lennox
    Morgan Freeman
    Kirsty Hawkshaw (Kirsty's my favorite singer next to Jessie J)
    Taio Cruse ...
  2. peta justifies their killing of animals

    Here's peta's latest newsletter:
    Back in January, PETA sent out a news release about the number of sick, injured, elderly, and otherwise unadoptable animals we had to euthanize during the previous year. PETA openly publishes these figures every single year and simultaneously calls on the government and citizens to help promote anti-chaining ordinances (many of the dogs our caseworkers encounter are aggressive or horrifically neglected after having been chained outside for their ...
  3. Message to tom wayland - returning 4kids VAs - thank you

    This is a message I hope that Tom Wayland gets to see this:
    Dear Tom,
    I just want to thank you for bringing back various 4kids voice actors into the anime, and hope to see more in the future.
    I really love it when i hear a voice actor from the 4kids dub returning, notably Kerry Williams and Stan Heart (recently). I'm glad that you have us older fans in mind a little bit, and wish to show graditude for it. I'm still hoping to become a voice actor in the future and would love ...
  4. rant - making a mountain out of a molehill based on bias and "man's best friend"

    So i'm not a huge fan of dogs. So what?
    Well that's what i said.
    I said this to a couple people that asked me what i thought of dogs, then hell broke lose, when i left that building, and had 8 or 10 rocks thrown at me. Annie and i were both pissed, and you can hardly blame Annie for grabbing a rock and hurling it right back at the woman throwing it at me.
    I don't know if this is some Peta supporter, and i really don't care TBH.
    I just am not a huge fan of dogs, i don't ...
  5. message to tom wayland regarding his magby voice

    I'm probibly going to get hated by TPCI for this, but i just want to give Tom Wayland a little constructive critecism and pointers on how he does his magby voice. If someone know's tom Wayland's contact info, please send this to him.

    Tom, you're a great voice actor, but unfortunately, the voice you do for magby sucks. the reason for this is is because you make Magby sound like an emo wierdo.
    you know the voice you do for Drilbur? that's the voice to do for magby. not that ...
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