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Christian's life

I blog on stuff related to pokemon and not related to pokemon. i have the following blog types:
Christain rants: where i rant about stuff
Christian wants to know: where i ask about stuff
Christian's review: where i review a movie, episode of a show, or whatever.
Christian's status update: where i fill people in on things such as the latest pokemon movie or something like that.
Comments of all types are highly encouraged. I'm open to all types of comments, whether it be critecism or praze.
Note: most of my pokemon knowledge (99%) comes from the english dub of the Pokemon Anime. I've never watched the japanese versions as i am blind and do not understand japanese, and i've never played the gameboy games. i've tried pokemon snap, Hey you Pikachu, and other anime based games, and that's about it.
Comment away everybody, and mostly, i hope you like my blogs. thanks.

  1. video ads rant

    I go onto a webcite even ones that don't have videos (get to those ones in a minute) and hear stupid ads.
    For the love of kim possible, i want ads to cease to trouble us, or cease to exist at all. i mean i go onto dailymotion to watch the newest pokemon episode, and every 5 damn minutes,, one pops up. i.e. i'm hearing about how Georgia is screaming "Well she better use dragonite and that's an order!" then all the sudden, i have to listen to a minute long ad about tide or about ...

    Updated 17th December 2012 at 08:56 AM by Azumarill39

  2. dub names for future characters i'd like to see in the anime

    here are some dubbed names for characters i'd like to see in the anime. note, if you think it's too 4kids-ish then say so. if you think it's a shitty name, say so, if you think it's too unlikely, say so, if you like the name, say so, if it's already been used too much, say so. whatever you think, say so because i'm actualy going to go ahead and find someone to send this to TPCI, i'll give it a week for some more suggestions.
    here are my suggestions for names to appear in the anime:
  3. rant - elevator problom persists

    It was bad enough down in michigan having that shit head bitch at me for using the elevator, now people at my home town do this too?
    look, just like i said before, either show me where the damn stairs are or don't bitch.
    and no, i'm not going to say "Annie can you come everywhere with me even though you're enjoying yourself in this room and i'm only going to be gone for a minute or too?"
    if she's doing something i dont want to stop her just to go down to the first ...

    Updated 15th December 2012 at 11:50 AM by Azumarill39

  4. "we are real" parrody of apple 1984

    if anyone has a youtube account and the means, here's an idea:
    make an apple 1984 mac commercial parrody called "we are real" with the following lines said by the guy on the screen:
    "many people on this planet have stated that we do not exist.
    however, there are a plethora of reasons as to why that is not only untru, but impossible.
    for years, you earth creatures have looked out into space, searching for us, however, you only thurraly searched in the area ...
  5. bgm

    let's say they made a special whether it be a feature length special or a set of episodes that follow a continuing sub-plot i.e. legend of thunder style, or even a 40 minute one like MMOmp, ok?
    what wowhich bgm scheme would you like to hear in such a special if you could choose:
    4kids kanto scheme (anime unique bgm)(no movie bgm yet)
    4kids late orange islands to early johto bgm (Similar to kanto bgm, but with some music from the first movie and pikachu's vacation mixed in) ...
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