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hutton says game rant

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If anyone ever asks you to play "hutton says" say no.
here's the rules:
A person (their first name has to start with either hud or hut, so only people with names like Hudson) acts as hutton, and you have to do what he says.
This may seem just like simon says, but unlike simon says, hutton just says "hutton says" and pauses for several minutes. while he's pausing, you can't move and you can't speak. if you so much as move yuor hand slightly or even giggle, "hutton" walks over to you, touches you, and you have to stand beside him for the remainder of the game. you litteraly have to stand where he has his hand on you for the rest of the game, and if you try to leave, he will grip you tighter and tighter.
the game gets boaring after a wile and it's hard to not get taken by "hutton" when he's pausing. about the only good thing about getting taken is that you actually don't have to do anything, although that can get boaring especially if the game lasts for several hours.
so don't go playing that game.
and also don't mention this game to anyone with a name beginning with Hud or Hut, because the rules state that only people who's rael name starts with Hud or Hut (first name only) can be "hutton"
so if there are none around, be thankfull, and if there are, just don't play the damn game, it gets boaring fast.

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