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Flight delay at 3 AM

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Ok, i'm kinda perturbed, i'm typing on annie's laptop right now from the hotel room. we were going out to Vancouver for a couple days to see annie's uncle, and about an hour ago we went to the Winnipeg airport, because we were scheduled to take off at 5:00 AM, but it turned out that someone made a big mistake in our plane tickets, it was for April 12th, not December 4th. we should have known, uncle andre is in mexico untill february because annie just called the place and the friend of annie's uncle said that he was in mexico and they weren't expecting us untill April. so i'm like "For shit sakes, we spent a whole good half an hour at the airport trying to figure this out at like 3 in the morning, and now we've also ended up packing for nothing.
We're not going to let this be a wasted trip, i'm going to sleep after i post this, because we're going to Polo Park tomorrow, and i'm going to get some more pokemon movies.
but really? 12/4? it looks like "december 12" and he didn't even specify the year, but obviously it is 2013 that we'll go out there, but we thought it meant today we'd be flying out to vancouver. grrr!
anyway, sweet dreams all yous, and happy hunger games from annie.

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    Lol month/day. I've always hated how wrong it looks.
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    I'll blame that on the fact someone, for some reason, used D/M instead of M/D.

    Of course, it would've been easier if someone said "December 4th" instead of "12/4".
  3. Azumarill39's Avatar
    i know, now i've got to wait till april 12 to go over to vancouver, but sinse i'm here in winnipeg, we're going to go to polo park in about 3 hours. i didn't know they actualy meant april 4th, sinse he usualy does m&d but this time he decided to do it the other way.