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Emi rant, and not the emi you think.

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by , 8th February 2013 at 03:59 PM (289 Views)
Ok, i just want to talk about this bullshit fuckary regarding what Emi said to me.
and that's Emi, not EMI.
This bitch at DQ decided to cause me quite the ordeel just because i didn't know about 1direction., and because i didn't know how to pronounce Louis's name. apparently it's pronounced like "louie" even though it has an "s" instead of an "e" at the end. (everyone i know named louis says it as "loo-ihss" and the person i know who's name is pronounced "loo-ee" spells it as "louie")
i realize that it may be a french equivelent of louis i.e. King Louis, but usually when i hear of a louis that's not from france, i pronounce the is like the ice in notice, not the ie in annie.
so excuse me emi for not pronouncing his name correctly.
and as for me not knowing much about 1direction, i'm sorry, but i just don't keep up with it.
how the hell am i supposed to know about Harry's relationship status if for one i don't keep up with it, and for two i don't give a shit anyway. to me, i don't care, he's happy, so don't bitch to me about it.
also, emi and her little friend Hayden, you're not cute by squealing over niles or whatever his name is, you're in a public restaurant with about 50 people around you, and you're going batshit about some guy in a magazeen, and by the sounds of it, one of yous is kissing it probibly where the guy's mouth is.
Now, i know this is basic fangirlism, but what made me particularly mad, was Emi's attitude twards me about Louis, and not knowing about 1direction and their relationship statuses, penis sizes and shit like that. (like i care anyway)
I don't care. i don't care about their penis sizes, you creepy stalking morons.
you are 13 years old Emi, and you guies make Harry who by the way is 18 years old according to you, look like a damn pedophile, is that what you want?
also, i'm going to turn your logic on you ok?
My cousin, louis. you have to pronounce his name as Loo-iss, not loo-ee, and if you pronounce it as loo-ee then you're a shit head. bad logic eh? well, it's your own damn logic Emi, so you and your little friend can leave me alone, and if you want to talk about 1direction's private parts, for the love of arceus, just get the hell out of a public place, and go to your houses or something, at least somewhere were we don't have to listen to you guies talk about that shit, because it's creepy.

you really need to stop bitching at me also for not being a "directioner"
looking up the term, it is basicly a fan of 1direction. i don't know enough about them to decide whether i like them or not, i barely know their names, and tend to mix them up. and by the way, i'm still going to say "loo-iss" because i've always said it that way. Untill he asks me to say "loo-ee" i'm going to say "loo-ihss" because that's how every louis i've met says it that way. if someone introduces them self to me as "loo-ee" then fine i'll call them that, but otherwise, i'm saying "loo-ihss," and that's that, mmkay?

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  1. Jacko19863's Avatar
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    "Directioners" get so freakin carried away, Its not funny. My sister is OHMAYGAWD LOOK AT THIS when she know I hate them, Anyway, My point is they can like it, But don't scream at others about it :<
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  2. maglev's Avatar
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    you're not cute by squealing over niles
    @Jack Pschitt; Well shit, should we bring back the Niles spam?
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  3. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    @fabfab; no cuz he got his naem rong its NIALL not NILES leik GOSH

    I get this at school, too. A girl I know named Katie made sure I said "Niall" and not "Niles", but now I just call them Larry, Niles, Ian, Lewis, and Blane to piss her off.
  4. Shiny Metagross's Avatar
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    I don't suppose she knows the names of all 654 pokemon or even how many there are. But that's OK, because something's important and worth telling people off about if and only if she's a fan of it, right?
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  5. Azumarill39's Avatar
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    [QUOTE=Jack Pschitt;bt273531]@fabfab; no cuz he got his naem rong its NIALL not NILES leik GOSH

    I get this at school, too. A girl I know named Katie made sure I said "Niall" and not "Niles", but now I just call them Larry, Niles, Ian, Lewis, and Blane to piss her off.[/QUOTE]

    @Emi, you see? i don't know shit about 1direction.
    and true, it's not cute at all to scream over niall.
    also, i wish they would go somewhere like their houses and do their fangirl things, rather than do it in the middle of a busy public restaurant.
    all you guies are right about this.
  6. Hedface's Avatar
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    I hear you. I like their music but couldn't tell you which was which, or even what they looked like. Girls will be girls, don't let their snobbish attitudes get to you. You can say what you what how you want to say it!
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  7. Azumarill39's Avatar
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    Oh believe me man, if only Emi and Hayden thought that way, then again, if only all directioners felt that way, then people wouldn't hate on their attitudes so much. i don't hate 1direction either, it's just when the fans get choosey over minor points that i hate.
  8. Azumarill39's Avatar
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    Ummh, not that i listen to much of their music, actually i don't know much of their music anyway, so i'm not going to judge them untill i've heard enough of them, this way it's a fair judgement. to be honest, boyband pop's really not my thing. about the only pop artist i listen to is Jessie J.