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craziness in walmart

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Just landed home from winnipeg. I was at the wal walmart in Portage Place mall, and was at the check out. a woman and a spoiled child was behind us in line. he kept on trying to cut in front of us and the mother did nothing about it. and i asked her how far away they lived, she said 3 minutes away. the kid wanted to go home and play with his toy which he already ripped out of its package. We had to hurry so we wouldn't miss our flight home, so we didn't have time to let this kid mess around and go in front of us, because we were in a hurry. so what we did was Annie said something like "your kid can wait a few minutes while we get our stuff paid for! we have an hour and 20 minute long flight home, and we have to be at the airport in 10 minutes, so you can wait!" the child kept on screaming and nearly gave me a black eye, and the mother did shit all about it, and she was right there. she stuck up for the child saying that they had to get home so he could play. please people, be a little bit more considerate of other people in the line, we're going as fast as we can, and you live 3 minutes away, while Annie and i live 7 hours drive or an hour and 20 minute flight north of the city, so be patient, please! that is all. has anyone had an experience like this that they can remember? if so, then feel free to shair it, and maybe it'll give annie and i some ideas on ways to stop it from happening to us in the future. thanks.

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  1. Night Sky's Avatar
    This is pretty much what I expect from kids these days. Spoiled rotten, impatient, and bratty. In addition, having spineless parents to boot. (Like the mom in this case, obviously displaying little in the way of parenting to her child, besides enabling him to be a brat.) Parenting has seen a steep decline in quality in the recent times unfortunately. Kids are raised to believe the world revolves around them, and no one ever bothers to teach them otherwise.
    ...oh, sorry. Guess I got a little worked up there. I just have a huge dislike of kids like this. :s
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Ugh, I dont like this at all. Similar things have occured with me with kids in stores mostly the one I used to have a job at. One time a little kid even rammed into me intentionally for no reason. Ive also seen kids run around, scream and generally misbehave and mess the place up. The parents do nothing to stop it. I wish people would teach their children to have good manners in public.
  3. Azumarill39's Avatar
    this wasn't the first time it happened. i was at the Radison in Winnipeg, and i was waiting on the elevator which always has to stop at every floor but the one you want, and i got stuck by two kids, one 8 and one 11. The 8 year old kept on jumping at Annie and myself, to the point where we litteraly had to get off that elevator so we wouldn't be guilty of assault on a child in total frustration. we had to wait 3 extra minutes, but believe me, you don't want to be in an elevator with that kid, let alone in the lineup at walmart.