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Christian's status update on twilighter

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For those who didn't get to see my previous entry, it's here: [url][/url]
I got back from Winnipeg a few minutes ago, flight was bumpy and Annie said the clouds looked cool. I won the lawsute against Kymmie, and her family had to pay $400 pluss a little extra for our booked flight dwon to Winnipeg. My arm is nearly finnished healing, and hopefully this is an example to twilighters (i don't call them twitards) to not ever do such bullshit, or they may find themselves on the losing end of a lawsute. The girl also has to spend time at the Health Complex by the hospital, and has to go down to Winnipeg every second month for counceling. The judge was even allowed to do a good telling off to that twilighter. something along the lines of "So sinse when was it ever a crime to have an oppinion that differs from yours little mis? hmmm, let me take a look here" (looks through papers) "Nothing there, Mr. Jones, take a look at our archives, and see if having an different oppinion than kymmie (won't say her last name) is in our list of severe crimes that we've delt with." (jones looks through files taking 10 minutes) "So? status report?" jones says "Nothing." judge says "Nothing? are you sure? really really sure?" Jones: "positive! i swair." Judge: "hmmm, and did you happen to see anything regarding not being a twilight fan and stating it?" Jones: "Not yet, i'll look again." (both judge and jones by the sound of it were either looking or pretending to look) Judge: "Well? ms. know it all? you think you know it all? but i'm afraid you don't know a thing at all. can you handle that?" (yes he probibly was making a reference to the song) he then went on to say something along the lines of "As you probibly can guess, i'm a fan of kelly Clarkson, and have been for as long as i can remember. If you were to say something like i don't like her, maybe i should stab you in the arm, and have you go to the hospital and get 14 stitches. and what about Annie here, she had to come all this way, 1 hour flight it may be, (6 hours north of winnipeg driving) just because of some buthurt fan. judgement granted for plaintif! and for ms. know it all here, whothinks she knows everything about twilight and criminal law, for the safety of other potential victoms, she is to goto (local mental health facillity) every monday and thursday at an assigned time of 4:30 PM and every 7th day of each second month, she will be driven or bussed down to Winnipeg (probibly due to the expenses of bimontly flight) in order to receive counceling and on October 15th, she is to attend a meeting that will be arranged about dealing with anger issues. It's pretty sad that we had to do this, over a book." jones: "and a movie, no, two movies your honor." Judge: Oh? a book series pardon me and a movie series. so again i say, ms. know it all, you think you know it all? you don't know a thing at all, at least if you have the guts to stab someone for not liking or not caring about a book series and movie series. i personaly couldn't give a care about it, young lady, and the law does not have enough time for stuff like this. Plaintif gets $400 plus cost of flight and stay at radison hotel and pane and suffering, as well as defendant going for sessions at the health complex every monday and thursday and a bymontly session here in Winnipeg." (did my best there to discribe what he said)
He discribed it best. I only wish i could have recorded it and had someone post it on youtube, but we forgot to do that. Honestly, i feel that justice has been done, and only hope that no other twilighter does what this girl did. no book or movie is worth such humiliation and $400 pluss $700 for flight and the cost of the room (can't remember what it is). please, twilighters, beliebers, directioners, highschool musicalers, please don't hurt or harass others or you will be either sued or in some other way punnished. thanks.
good night, yall... (texan sends axew after me)

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Justive prevails.

    On a side note, you should format you blogs more. They get kind of hard to read at times and seem cluttered.
  2. Azumarill39's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Ranger Jack Walker;bt259697]Justive prevails.

    On a side note, you should format you blogs more. They get kind of hard to read at times and seem cluttered.[/QUOTE]

    I shall try.