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Christian rants - Today's society

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Ok guies, this rant isn't on a spaciffic group it's on todays society, and the disadvantages of living in a town like The Pas manitoba when a lot of the kids want to be super super cool.
Note, this isn't that whoa is me shit, i don't like whoa is me at all.
first, there are the "fantards" that i won't stand: they go crazy to the point where if you even disagree with them slightly, they either insult or physicaly harm you. seems to be a lot of beliebers and directioners and our local schools lately.
Then there are the peta members. though there have only been 3 where i live in the pas, they cause as much shit as they can. Luckily they don't show up too often so that's a blessing.
then there are those people who think it's super super cool to get drunk so much, that they end up becoming cataleptic. look, it's not super super cool to end up in a nervous trance-like state people, so cut down on the damn alcahaul.
and last but sertainly not least are the shitty drivers. Annie has encountered them a lot, and i'm surprised that some of those people were even allowed to drive at all.

I'm sure every town has things like this, but it's more noticable in a smaller town like the pas. there are still many sane people here, and that's what keeps hope alive for society. i mean there's my gf annie, there's my friends Don, Andy, Hud and Chris, and i try and stay around sane people like them.
Tell me, what kinds of crazy people are there around where you live?
PS, i really wish i did actualy live in nimbasa city, Unova.

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  1. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Crazy people? Town's full of them, except they're all violently right-wing (and I don't just mean simply leaning towards the political right either..) instead of being beliebers/directioners or from PETA. It's kind of depressing what little variety there is here sometimes.
  2. Captain Tentacruel's Avatar
    In Las Vegas? Sure, there're crazy drivers. I follow the rules as a pedestrian and still almost get hit every week or two. Avoid the 95/ Las Vegas Blvd. offramp particularly. We've got people who try to beat up buses, people who wear "the End is near"/"repent" sandwich boards, people who think it's perfectly OK to join quiet conversations between people who're facing each other on the bus even if what they have to contribute is irrelevant or wrong, people who use all their money on gambling/booze/drugs and then beg for more (one of whom likes to follow me thinking I'll buy her less-than-legal services), and my favorite, this lady who thinks she needs to always hold her piece of paper over her head, day or night, any weather. There's more, but I'm not going into every single strange or crazy person in town.
  3. Azumarill39's Avatar
    I'll look out for those people in vegas next year when i go down for my 21st birthday. i'm losing faith in humanity slowley.