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Christian rants - pusa haters - continuation of previous blog entry

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by , 3rd December 2012 at 05:08 PM (1765 Views)
Warning, this is long,comments are always welcome. things that i said in the last entry will be repeated just for the sake of those who weren't able to either get a chance to comment on it or who weren't able to see it for whatever reason. i'm ading more to this one though.
This isn't just on youtube, it's all over the internet. thankfully though there's little to none of this bashing the PUSA voice actors shit here, which i am extremely greatful for.
But it doesn't mean that there's any justification for this kind of consistant bashing and attacking the voice actors.
Now look. there's a big huge difference between saying "Well i don't like the voice that this person does" and saying "She is so shitty that my ears died. she is the shittiest and pusa should go to hell" kind of shit.
SonGocu mentioned this so i give him full credit for this: TPCI is not going to give us what we want when we constantly bash and attack their voice actors, after all, it's not Sarah's fault nor is it michelle, bill, kayzie, or jimmy's fault that the voice over switch happened, is it? they're only doing their jobs, and if they didn't want to then they can just quit, know what i mean?
As it is, I hear that Jimmy Zoppy became blacklisted from 4kids because he wanted to continue doing voices on Pokemon. I feel that 4kids was a little bit harsh to jimmy. What if Veronica Taylor did that 4kids, would you do the same to her? you guies lost yourself a decent voice actor 4kids, and you really should be ashamed of doing that to zoppy. so no, pusa wasn't the only one doing wrong around the time of the switch, yes they did just basicly reject the original VAs all together, but jimmy and kayzie obviously resisted and ended up doing voices in season 9 to present anyway, and look what 4kids did to Jimmy! i don't know if the same was done to kayzie, i sure hope not. so don't go making the whole of 4kids look like saints when they (no not the voice actors, some execs or something) blacklisted someone just because they wanted to continue working on a series that they have been faithfull twards. I have a strange feeling that Veronica would have had the same done to her, and i wouldn't want that to happen to her.
But you bashers twards the pusa dub don't help matters at all. instead of bashing, here's what you can do:
1. send a positive request to TPCI (probibly tom wayland now) and ask that they (he) allow voice actors like Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart, Rebecca Honnig (hi, shout out to you), and Peet Zerustica to appear in the show again. Be positive, and talk about how the voice actors that PUSA chose are improving because you have to admit that they are.
also in it, maybe show a little graditude for the 4kids VAs that have been brought back to the series, because after all they are doing it for us, aren't they?

2. Spread the word around to other bashers to stop being so hateful and negative twards them, please. the more positive things get the more likely tom wayland and the rest of TPCI will listen to what we have to say. let's try to keep maddie's quest alive as much as possible, mmkay?

However, if you don't wish to do either of them, then there's 3. don't watch the pusa dub and stop bitching about it. as i stated in my previous blog entry, negativity is futile. here's my anallogy that i used in my previous entry: If i was mad about something you did, and i said "You are a shit head, go to hell!" then the next minute, i decided to ask you a favor i.e. "Hey jo blo? do you think you can go to HMV and buy me the Pokemon Victini movie?" you'd say no because you obviously wouldn't want to do me a favor right after i called you a shit head and told you to go to hell, right? so in the same way, basterdizing the PUSA voice actors (who have no faults in this at all) one minute and then the next saying "Hey tpci/pusa? can you do me a favor?" will not work out for you, because just like the example, they'd be like "Hell no, you insulted the people that we hired and now you just expect us to do you a favor? well sorry, but no!"
Now, before someone says "They bash the pusa actors because they don't sound good", remember, only Veronica Taylor can sound like veronica taylor, only Eric Stuart can sound like Eric Stuart, and so on. mmkay? thanks for reading, and happy hunger games!

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    Exactly right. I bet Cathcart and Rogers were hurt by being blacklisted from 4Kids as well and we should also think of it from their POV as well. These guys are all voice actors, and it's great that they still take the time to dub the show for us. The whole switch is possibly the most poorly carried out thing in anime history and neither defunct 4Kids or TPCi have ever explained what went on behind the scenes of this debacle (4Kids elitists they were at fault, TPCi elitists they were also at fault), but by bashing and then asking for something after saying you suck...we're not exactly making the already slim chance of getting the OGs to return better. The bright side is that at least TPCi seems to be getting decent-good at dubbing these days, and that's great. I know it really does suck Veronica and the others have been tossed aside like that for no reason, but it's not our fault they haven't been rehired. All fans can do is learn to be polite, respectful, and accepting of stuff no matter how much it may irk them. It's a lesson I learned from making the mistake of bashing so very often: to tolerate, and forgive/forget. Is it easy? Definitely not. Both 4Kids and TPCi bring different takes to the show, and we just have to accept that and TPCi dub has grown on me. The JPN ver has a different feel to it than either of the former two. Different doesn't mean bad- that's the lesson I learned from the whole fiasco. I actually like both dub casts but for diff reasons when all is said and done, but the original dub crew has me sold for them since I think they were just amazing lol. XD.
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