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Christian rants - if you hate it then don't watch it.

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by , 2nd December 2012 at 07:50 PM (332 Views)
"Those of yous on youtube who says dats yousa hate da pusa dubs because days not da same as da 4kids dub? youres all freaks, dat's wite." is what meowth would say to those youtube and other people that keep on posting these comments a bashing on the PUSA cast.
I realize that PUSA didn't treet Veronica and the crew too well, but how is Sarah Natochenny supposed to somehow be the one responsible for it? she's only doing her job, and if she didn't enjoy it, she'd obviously quit. Also, you PUSA hators say "Just watched episode 2 of pokemon: black & white, and my ears died." then the next day "Just watched episode 3 of pokemon: black & white, my ears died." didn't your ears die when you watched episode 2? joking aside, if you don't like the pusa dub, then don't watch it, simple as that. you genwunners, and nostalgiafags need to just stop because as i've said numerous times before (and i know i'm repeating myself but i feel that i need to), you give people who legitimately like the 4kids dub or the kanto genoration a bad name. and i don't want anyone defending the pusa hators with "oh, but that's just an oppinion, and besides, sarah natochenny is bad which is why they bash her" kind of shit, which is something that i won't stand. Look, our goal is to get PUSA/TPCI to allow Veronica Taylor and many others to cameo in the anime again right? put it this way, if i said to you "You're a dumb piece of shit !" one minute then the next minute i asked you "Can you go and buy me a pokemon movie?" would you want to do it? no you wouldn't because i am bashing you one minute then asking you to do me a favor the next. so one minute saying "Sarah Natochenny is shitty and will always be!" then the next saying "Bring back Veronica Taylor please" is futile as my example i just stated. they're not going to give into negativity, and no defense you have for the pusa bashers will negate the fact that it's not sarah's fault, it's not michelle's fault, and it's not bill's fault either. To me, they're good, in their own ways, just as Veronica, Rachael and Eric were good in their own ways. mmkay? so those of you who bash pusa and don't like it at all for no reason but just as something to bitch about, don't watch it, and you won't have to hear it, because i'm really losing faith in humanity even more than i have, mmkay?

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    I don't regret anything i said at all, i strongly hold to the view that bashing TPCI won't accomplish anything.
    Updated 3rd December 2012 at 06:21 PM by Azumarill39
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    While I can say that TPCi's English dub is upsetting for me in a lot of ways besides the commonly used VA work statement, I am pretty ashamed I stooped to the level of the very company who took the dub I liked away by bashing them for so long. The thing we as Pokemon fans need to realize is that sadly sometimes things do not turn out the way we wish them to no matter how genuine a concern we may have and ample evidence for our claims. I don't mind TPCi's dub- I just feel 4Kids was better. It's not a fact by any means. I can't explain why other than by saying they really seemed to love the chars and put every ounce of effort into what they did. TPCi's cast does as well. The thing here is the change for some people is so vast that they feel by definition it sucks. I do feel TPCi's dub has a very different feel to it, and I don't identify with it as much as I did with 4Kids. But heck both are good dubs overall and sometimes faithfulness to the original version isn't important to me: I just watch to enjoy the show now. I love Veronica and her crew: I really do cry and feel bitter about the whole switch. But the fact remains that two wrongs do not make a right and by bashing the current crew, and this goes for more than the VA work, it just isn't making things better. It is tough to know the main chars are not going to be voiced by VT and the others ever again from the looks of things, but we as fans should look on the bright side of things. TPCi's dub has come a long way since it began: it's gotten significantly better, in fact. I find myself rly happy when Sarah's Ash reminds me of Veronica's or Cathcart's James sounds like Eric these days. They're trying their best, and that's what's important in the end. It isn't my favorite take, sure, but it's still a nice show. Good message and something enjoyable to watch. :)
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