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Christian rans - 4kids hates, weeaboos and those who call me "fake gamer"

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by , 11th September 2012 at 10:34 AM (458 Views)
Hello, this is going to be a 3 part rant.
part 1:
4kids haters
as we all know, there are many edits in the 4kids dub of pokemon and various other animes, some of which are ridiculous i.e. donut and riceball. however, we got to remember that kids won't always be interested in Japanese culture when they're watching Pokemon. As interesting as it is i know that i'm not interested on a lesson about Japan when i put on a Pokemon dvd, and i'm not trying to diss the culture at all nor am i trying to underestimate the inteligence of children.
also 4kids is not the one who decides what to edit all the time, some times they do, yes, but not all the time. given the target audience of the anime, America (where 4kids obviously is) has sensership laws for tv shows for a sertain age group. of corse it's not going to be adult swim quality, and never will be. like i said, granted there are ridiculous and stupid edits, that said, i didn't notice them as a kid and still don't notice them now, and i frankly couldn't care less about how faithfull it is to the Japanese version as i do not watch anime in Japanese, as i can't understand it nor can i read subtitles as i stated before.

part 2:
Weeaboos or americans, Canadians and basicly non-japanese english speakers who are trying to become japanese to the point where they obsess over japanese pop culture give anime fans like me a bad name.
I am neither a weeaboo nor an otaku, and don't plan on being either. Why do they have to be the way they are? i wish i could find out and make it all stop. i've met Japanese people before and frankly they don't give a shit about anime or pokemon, and it doesn't mean they don't fit in. Weeaboos need to stop and quit being asses about japanese culture, as well as dub haters. Japan is not the kingdom come and heavin. As beautiful as it sounds, it isn't perfect, hell, Canada ain't perfect either. Nobody is perfect, no matter where they're from because perfection does not exist at all.
part 3 -
people call me a "fake gamer" because i don't know how to play sertain games or gaming systems. The term gamer means someone who plays and enjoys video games. it's not meant to be a status symbol of popularity or boastfulness. As long as i play games and enjoy them, i will be a gamer, simple as that. can we not just get along and play games, like pokemon and anime? can we not let the fact that i only know the n64 and not the DS get in the way of life? rait, comment and subscribe. thanks.

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  1. Azumarill39's Avatar
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    no one agrees? for shit sakes! i really thought i hit the nail on the head, either way 4kids gets too much hate, weeaboos give anime fans a bad name, and i'm still a gamer even if i only know a few games.
  2. The Power of Pika's Avatar
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    I don't have much to say on this except that 4kids are not the only company to get alot of hate. TPCI and many others I've seen quite a bit of hate towards aswell.

    I know from experience it depends on what you like will depend on what you notice more.

    I'm more of a TPCI fan even though I like all 3 (4kids, TPCI and Japanese). So as a result I tend to notice the TPCI hate more and thus that can get on my nerves. It takes alot of practice but you eventually learn to ignore it and enjoy what you want to enjoy.

    As for the edits. Well I see them as reasonable flaws pointed out. If it's blown out of proportion I tend to think it's silly to complain however pointing out the flaws I don't see a problem with.

    Everything has flaws anyway. I tend to be okay with talking about said flaws from time to time aslong as it doesn't go overboard. Personally prefer to talk about more positive things most of the time.

    I do understand that some flaws maybe a result of the TV station or what is considered acceptable at the time. Many kids toyetic anime are still going by similar restrictions to Pokemon even now. Shows like DBZ are lucky to be uncut mainly because their target audience actually changed. Pokemon's target audience is still the children that could very well switch to western cartoons at the switch of the remote. Western cartoons directly compete against Pokemon to this very day so being able to stay alive is very important.

    There's also keeping the costs down on DVD's aswel. I have bought alot of modern kids anime that air on TV where I live over the last few years and many are still edited.

    So I tend not to worry about edits so much.

    Though I admit the riceball edit was a very strange one. Maybe because I live in a country where we have so many different cultures. Plus learning about other cultures was a big push when I was a kid. My school even pushed the idea of learning about other cultures. Just gives more knowledge of the world for when your older. I knew those so called "donuts" that 4kids use to call the rice balls were rice as a kid. Unfortunately I thought they were jelly filled rice donuts and wondered what it would taste like...........

    It wasn't until a food culture day in my class I realised it was a onigiri and even got to try one.

    So in a way changing them to donuts actually confused me more as a kid than if the had just left it alone.

    Though it doesn't bother me now. It was what they use to do back then. Other anime did the same thing back then.

    I agree that some fans can be a bit too harsh on 4kids. They're their to entertain kids and personally there comes a point when people can take things too seriously. Personally I just laugh it off and continue enjoying.

    Weeaboos are found everywhere in the anime community. It's unfortunate but not much can be done about it.

    Never heard the term fake gamer used before. First time I heard of that. I agree aslong as you play games you are a gamer.
    One thing that annoys me is how the terms casual and hardcore have been completely mutilated by gamers these days. Many use it to describe type of games now but have no idea what would fit into the categories so so called hardcore list anything they don't like as casual.......

    Back when I was younger where I lived hardcore meant you were an expert at games and could do things not many could and played all the time. Casual meant you played from time to time and just played for fun.

    I remember you were hardcore if you could get the fastest speedrun over everyone else in a sonic or mario game. You were hardcore if you got the best score over everyone. You were hardcore if you beat something that no one else could.

    That meaning seems to have died ever since people have started labeling anything they think is the in thing as hardcore and anything that they don't care about anymore as casual.

    I don't get it.

    I decided to just call myself a gamer and leave it at that.
    Updated 17th September 2012 at 08:55 AM by The Power of Pika