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Christian and Annie's review of Garfield's Pet force

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by , 6th May 2013 at 02:32 PM (426 Views)
Now i'm kinda a sucker for cheesy comedy sometimes, and this i kinda like.
i'm a big sucker for sci fi as well. one thing i notice throughout the film is that there are various references to star trek and star wars. in fact, at the bottom of this review is a question involving some sound effects that are familliar and that i can't place.
anyway, here's the review:

We both enjoyed the film but don't really think it is the best film ever. There could be better films in the garfield franchise, but this does nicely.
I noticed that Bill Murray isn't voicing garfield, it's Frank Welker who's doing it now. I kinda like the idea of there being alternate dimentions, then again i really liked the whold giratina thing in pokemon. Unlike the reverse world in pokemon however, apparently you can cross the "interdimentinoal berrior in a spaceship rather than a distortion in space and time. and in this other dimention, there are super hero counterparts to Garfield, Arleen and the others, and a villain version of Liz named Vet Vix. John is an emperor and Wally is a professor?
I liked the idea of scrambling one's molecules so much that they become zombies? i put the questionmark because that doesn't seem like the way to create a zomby but what the hell.
This film is an example of what happens when a professor is to arrogant to think of the flaws in his invention as well as the major possability that a villain will try to nab it and enslave the universe.
Also, was Vet Vix scrambled? (spiler allert) because at the end, vet vix gets unscrambled? wait... what? how does unscrambling her even though she wasn't scrambled(?) turn her good?
There are a lot of confusing points in the movie but at the same time, some action scenes that were farely well animated according to Annie.
I really liked some of the sound effects (see the question at the bottom of this) and i also liked the background music.
One thing that wasn't explained was how the hell did vetvix know where Garzuka was going? did she see the ship take off and follow it? or did she use the DNA scanner off screen? come on paws inc. these things need to be explained a little.
One mention i must make is that country singer Henry Paul voices the commic book sailsmen in this episode, making it the first time i've ever heard one of my mom's favorite singers in an animated movie.

Now i know this doesn't really flow, but it's hard to really make a review flow good for a film that seemed all over the place in some aspects. now that doesn't mean it's a bad film, i'd over all give it a 6 out of 10.
If Give your review in the comments below as well as the answer to the question:
Now the moscram ray has some sounds that are familliar to me, but i can't place them. Does anyone know which sound effects are used for the moscram ray when it scrambles someone?


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    note that i sometimes say episode because it's like a prolonged episode. if you watch it you'll understand.