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the awesomeness of darkrai

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by , 17th December 2012 at 02:19 PM (220 Views)
Darkrai of alamos town, how i feel bad that everyone thought you were evil. you were trying to protect people from Dialga and Palkia but everyone shat upon you and attacked you.
You still protected people though and didn't get overly mad at the people, and for that, i wish you were real so i could walk up to you, pat you on the back and say "Darkrai, you are truely awesome." not only for protecting Alamos town from Dialga and Palkia which is a big feat, but also for continuing to protect the people even when everyone except for Allis and Alicia were shitting on you. i'm so glad things worked out for you in the end, so darkrai, you are truely awesome.

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  1. Narcisse's Avatar
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    I wasn't aware that 'Genwunners' had been ganging up on Darkrai.
  2. Azumarill39's Avatar
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    genwunners say that pokemon that come after kanto are not cool or epic at all. i posted this also as a tribute to darkrai.