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Christian's life

I blog on stuff related to pokemon and not related to pokemon. i have the following blog types:
Christain rants: where i rant about stuff
Christian wants to know: where i ask about stuff
Christian's review: where i review a movie, episode of a show, or whatever.
Christian's status update: where i fill people in on things such as the latest pokemon movie or something like that.
Comments of all types are highly encouraged. I'm open to all types of comments, whether it be critecism or praze.
Note: most of my pokemon knowledge (99%) comes from the english dub of the Pokemon Anime. I've never watched the japanese versions as i am blind and do not understand japanese, and i've never played the gameboy games. i've tried pokemon snap, Hey you Pikachu, and other anime based games, and that's about it.
Comment away everybody, and mostly, i hope you like my blogs. thanks.

  1. unreasonable tpci hate, genwunners vid and my new youtube channel.

    i can't believe there is still this going on.

    also my new youtube channel is at [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/Azumarill39?feature=watch[/url]

    Yes i use speakonia, but hopefully soon, i will get a mic.
    if anyone has a youtube account, feel free to do commentaries on my vids and what not.
  2. unreasonable call od duty fans

    i think my video at [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp6HxojxgXA&feature=em-comment_received&lc=X1Ex5a9FVRhOyoD4p4Nw5qQYwtD2NLP_0izBnfS0uDE&lch=email[/url] discribes my feelings best.
    also if you want to check out other vids i made, then go right ahead.