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  1. I'd never make it

    A common topic of discussion between me and my friends is "what would we do in a post-apocalyptic world?" If you asked me, personally, I think I'd get killed about thirty minutes in. I have no knowledge of survival skills, the best weapon I have is a three-inch pocket knife, and I'm just not a very tough person in any kind of way, mental or physical.

    My friends say that they'd think of the survival scenario like a game. Haha, right... well, even if I did that, it's not ...
  2. Why does that always work? (whining alert)

    Why? Why does that always work?

    If you're wondering what I mean, I mean why does bribing me with food work every time?

    Here's what happened. My mom, once again, got into this "home improvement" idea that she just had to do. Problem is... she can't do it herself. So who does she whine to in order to get it done? Me.

    Yes, you heard me, she WHINES. And will not stop whining until I come down and do something about it.

    She always, ...
  3. It's been a while...

    Sorry I haven't been able to post to my blog in a while. I've been kind of busy. Between looking for the right gift for Ashley's 20th birthday and preparing for my own 20th birthday, I've had my hands full.

    Last week, I paid Tom a visit. He's been doing good - he's trying to prepare for his wedding. He's planning on doing a traditional Scottish wedding, meaning he's going to be wearing a kilt. (Tom is of Scottish background on his father's side.) He's already given kilts to me, Ashley, ...
  4. Back from Anime Expo!

    Went with some friends to Anime Expo on Friday, I only bought a one-day pass this year because of my schedule :/ First surprise was that the line for tickets only took me 5 minutes to go through...I remember going at Day 0 two years ago and standing on a three-hour line to "not deal with the lines".

    I brought my 3DS with me to help kill some time in line but it wasn't necessary :P We gave ourselves 2 hours before the exhibit hall opened so we ended up sitting down near one of the ...
  5. Laptop Woes

    I'm gonna need a new laptop soon. I've only had this one for two and a half years and it's broken beyond (practical) repair. The hinges are broken and the only thing keeping the screen attached are the wires and a couple layers of duct tape.

    I've managed to narrow it down to two different models, both with 17-inch screens like this one. Hopefully I can pick between the two and replace this thing before it completely falls apart.