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2012 = bullshit

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by , 21st December 2012 at 09:59 AM (138 Views)
not to insult anyone, but i have no reason to believe that anything out of the ordinary is going to happen today, and if i'm wrong about that, then i will get a comment on this post and 3 of my other posts by none other than Katniss Everdeen herself, as well as a private message from Effie Trinket threatening to send Darkrai after me for something i did, mmkay?
anyway, i feel deeply sorry for all those people who are preparing for some major catastrophy to occur, when in reality, nothing's going to happen at all. It's all for nothing, and that's that.
Please, don't do anything stupid today, just go about your ordinary lives people, no shit is going to go down. remember what i said above, if i'm at all wrong, then i'll get 3 comments from Katniss Everdeen on my blog entries (including this one) and i'll get a private message sent by Effie Trinket herself threatening to send darkrai after me if i continue doing something that she's not wanting me to do.
don't see any comments from katniss everdeen, and my inbox does not have a message from Effie trinket, so there!
please, go to do your ordinary lives now, no freaking out, mmkay? mmkay? mmkay.

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