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The life of a stegosaurus

White Update

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Carrying on with what I did yesterday. I may make this a regular thing.

1st Slot

2nd Slot

3rd Slot

4th Slot

5th Slot

6th Slot

Haven't had an attempt on Terrakion yet, mostly because my team isn't strong enough to take it on, or get to it through Victory Road. I also only have one Poké Ball. Deciding on held items now. I gave Lucar a Leftovers, but I can't think of anyone else's.

Lucar is getting treated overly well, actually. He's the highest level, because by chance, more Pokémon I've encountered have been weak to Steel or Fighting, it seems. And he has higher EVs, because I went on a Wing harvest on Driftveil Drawbridge and tried to spread them out evenly, but the quantity caused a slight bias towards the front member of my party (guess who).

Still, I went and did some hardcore training with them today on Route 6, using the grass in front of the Season Research Lab as an Experience farm, riding around parallel to it on my Bicycle until Audino appeared. Majority of them were female though. Bloody probability. All but one of the Eggs hatched male, purely by chance.

Haven't got in any evolution for a while, due to the fact that only Isi is relatively near evolving. Once they reach their last forms, I'm sure they'll be stronger. After all, they are the base forms of some of the strongest Pokémon out there; Lucario's base stat total is 525 (and Lucar has some pretty good IVs), Volcarona has 550, Omastar has 495 (Okay, that isn't too great, but it learns some good moves for a Fossil), Braviary has 510, and Vanilluxe has 535 (highest of any Ice-type, it shares this trait with Lapras).

On that note, it's time to evolve Isi!

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  1. Pain Split's Avatar
    I also only have one Poké Ball.
    Did you not take my advise?
  2. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    I told you, I have no money! It's hard to earn any with a team like mine...

    And it's spelled "advice".
  3. Pain Split's Avatar
    Oh, sorry. Didn't notice you said that.
    Darn, one of my own kind got me.
    Anyway, train your heart out, and get an Amulet Coin/Luck Incense.
  4. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    Actually, the Coin/Incense may work well as a held item for one of my Pokémon... Thanks!

    Spelling/Grammar Nazis FTW.
  5. Pain Split's Avatar
    Spelling/Grammar Nazis FTW.


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