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Project Aiti

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Excited as heck!

Just spoke to my dad over the phone. We've decided to use VisualBasic to code an artificial intelligence!

But not just any old intelligence.

An Artificial Independently Thinking Intelligence, or AITI!

You simply type something coherent into a terminal, then she'll break that down and generate a response from a word bank, performing a task if there is one involved. Take, for example, a phrase to test if the memory function works:

"Do you remember anything?"

Aiti will then break that down, like this:
"Do you..." = Do I, at all...
remember = access/use memory data
anything = object
Do I, at all, access/use memory data?
To reiterate, do my memory files contain usable data?

We're also integrating emotions as hexadecimal values. One of Aiti's tasks will be to, wherever she can, increase positive emotions and decrease negative ones. This means decreasing boredom, for example, and so not repeating the same sentence over and over again, but rather, generate different sentences synonymous with the previous one. Emotions will also change the response generated, making the artificial intelligence seem truly intelligent!

It'll take a few years to do, of course.

Can anyone suggest more features or spot problems anywhere?

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  1. tyler212's Avatar
    That sounds quite the challenge. I'll assume one or both of you have coding experience, have you guys ever tried coding a simple AI?

    I remember my game design teacher mentioning a free university AI coding class online but I don't have the site link. If any problems occur jut google it.
    Also tip you should be able to use /code bbccode here to better separate your code from future blogs

    System.out.print("Hello World!");
  2. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Visual... Basic?

    I dunno, that makes me feel iffy... All I've heard of it is that it's a pretty outdated language, but that might just be my perspective.

    This is going to be a few years' project? Well, good luck! I hope the hurdles of software design don't impede you past scheduling!
  3. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    Yeah, we've both done AI before, and we're not rookies at it; my dad once ran an adapting AI he wrote on the 1kb version of the ZX81, just to prove that it wasn't impossible. It crashed the computer, though.

    VBA is a little old, I guess, but one of the easiest programming languages to use, especially when coding artificial intelligence programs.


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