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The life of a stegosaurus

London, 1834

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I'm getting the urge to write again, but this time my ideas are... different.

The City of Smog will follow the misadventures of Aaron Thornell and Flora Knighton, two teenage street children. Flora has just moved from a country village to become a servant, but was deemed unsatisfactory and sent to a cotton mill, there to encounter Aaron, who recently escaped from a workhouse, only to be sent into the mill. Together, they escape, but instead have to face a harsh life in the slums of a London in the grip of industrial revolution. As Aaron has previously lived on the rooftops, it's easy enough for them to survive. Or would be, if not for a mysterious adversary who is determined to send them to the workhouses.

I may actually post this one on the WW this time. Who knows.

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