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The life of a stegosaurus

Yeah. Basically.

  1. London, 1834

    by , 5th February 2013 at 01:00 PM (The life of a stegosaurus)
    I'm getting the urge to write again, but this time my ideas are... different.

    The City of Smog will follow the misadventures of Aaron Thornell and Flora Knighton, two teenage street children. Flora has just moved from a country village to become a servant, but was deemed unsatisfactory and sent to a cotton mill, there to encounter Aaron, who recently escaped from a workhouse, only to be sent into the mill. Together, they escape, but instead have to face a harsh life in the slums of ...
  2. Feeling incredibly smug

    by , 16th January 2013 at 03:35 PM (The life of a stegosaurus)
    I challenged Cynthia with a Lv 69 Gallade, Lv 65 Registeel, Lv 58 Thundurus, Lv 54 Lugia, Lv 93 Black Kyurem and Lv 94 Latios.

    Won and leveled up Gallade twice and Registeel once.

    Challenged her again and beat the living hell out of Spiritomb and Glaceon. With just a Lv 71 Gallade.

    On Challenge Mode.

  3. Plottingmon

    by , 9th January 2013 at 01:32 PM (The life of a stegosaurus)

    Uh... How long has this been planned for?
  4. Genetic Generation

    by , 8th January 2013 at 03:29 PM (The life of a stegosaurus)


    Not sure if excited or gonna kill GF.

    So many choices and questions! X or Y? What starter? What new Pokémon, items, moves to integrate into my team? What to do to Pikachu (file an official complaint or beat the hell out of the bugger for stress relief)? Do I need to learn French for this game?
  5. 2013

    by , 31st December 2012 at 07:43 PM (The life of a stegosaurus)
    Blogs'll be spammed up, so I'm going to do a New Year blog on Jan 2nd. That is all.
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