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  1. XCD

    I think I'm going to call my idea XCD: pronounce "exceed". It will exceed limits that were in the previous anime. So everyone knows, I'm already pretty hesitant about sharing these ideas, so updates will probably be sporadic. Next will be the main characters when I work up the nerve.
  2. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "Aftershock"

    Awesome-sauce. The only thing that I thought was a little bit rushed/confusing was the plot that involved the HYDRA heads being taken out. But, I think what they were trying to do is to make room for the new Big Bads for the rest of Season 2, which would be Cal and the group of Inhumans that will be showing up(so far we have Raina and Gordon, the guy with no eyes). I can't wait to see how this may or may not play out in the "Inhumans" movie that's going to be made. As for HYDRA, I'm thinking ...
  3. 1st BulbaFriend Theme Team

    I had an interesting idea for a Pokemon team, one that I hope will have interesting results.

    I will end up having -
    4 - Fire types, with one of them being part flying
    1 - Water/Ground
    1 - Steel/Psychic
    1 - Water type

    I will have 7 Pokemon - so that means that between gyms, 1 Pokemon will wait for me in the PC box - also don't like Mega's (exception of Lucario and Manectric) so won't use them.

    What's the team like?

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  4. I got an internship!!

    Well after a while looking for an internship for the summer, i got a call from a large automotive company who wanted me to be their maintenance intern for the summer. since i live over 3 hrs away, i put in for the housing that the company offered to interns. now i am excited that i will get to be on my own and see what it is like to have your own place. Or so i foolishly thought. the happy joy came to abrupt end when i found out that i will have to have a roommate. ...