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Lord Clowncrete

so what happened yesterday.

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I had just finished a match with a user here and was watching the replay sitting in front of my computer. For some reason, I got this urge to stand up and I was walking around the room when I heard a LOUD noise and saw a (small) section of the plaster on the ceiling collapsing on the computer and the surrounding region. There was no damage or anything done, but it shocked me. Even more shocking since the building I live in is strong. It even survived the 2001 eq in the past without a single crack.

So, apparently, we also found out what happened. One of the pipes going through was(is, actually) leaking and there was a lot of moisture developing in the wall. It rained a lot yesterday and the plaster weakened due to the water.

I can even see the rods of the foundation of the house through the hole. The building is almost 25 years old. Another small piece is likely to fall soon.

My parents are likely gonna appeal to the secretary of the building to get the pipes repaired. Unfortunately, I am sure it will take a couple of weeks or more. Red tapism, you know.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Wow! Glad you didn't get hurt, at least.
  2. Shadow Raikou's Avatar
    It was a shock to me. Glad it was minor "Seelan".
  3. winstein's Avatar
    That reminds me of my parents' house before renovation, where a wall had moisture, causing paint to peel off. That's because the pipe inside there leak (the sink is on the other side), which is one of the reasons it is renovated.

    Also, at the building you lived at, you don't happen to live at a high level, do you? I imagine that at a high level, it's scarier because the risk of collapsing is greater compared to a lower level.

    Thanks for reading.
  4. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    Yeah, thank my habit of walking and playing.xD


    Its on the ground floor. Fortunately.


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