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by , 14th May 2012 at 06:09 PM (281 Views)
Hi.. I don't think I'm getting any better. I'll just copy and paste what I put on my Facebook;
I feel like such a waste of space. Like I don't deserve to live. I feel depressed all the time. I feel sad. I don't want to feel sad anymore, but I can't seem to bring myself to get some help. I know i'm fucked up in the head. I want someone to care sometimes, to ask me what's wrong. But whenever someone does, all I say is 'nothing'. I know I'm not fine, that i'm dying inside, that my thoughts inside my head are killing me. I'm secretly dying inside, and no one seems to know. But I don't want people to know. I'd rather they not know, because if they knew they'd just run away from me.

Not anyone really seems to care anymore, but that's okay. I'll just end up suiciding sometime soon anyways

^ That above is pretty much how I feel. Please excuse some of the vulgar language. I just do feel that way, a lot. I haven't been diagnosed with it but I can tell I have all the symptoms of major depression. And yeah..I don't know. I'm just scared for myself. I've started cutting again, and this time I've actually found some sort of a razor blade. And I bleed a little.. and i'm afraid I'll cut too deep or something and suicide. Not that I wouldn't mind, but I'm kinda scared to die, a little I know it sounds pathetic, yeah but I don't know.

Don't mind my rant. I'm just ranting, and couldn't find anyone to talk to.. so just ignore this.

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  1. OverlordRuby's Avatar
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    I don't want to ignore this, if you don't mind.

    I'm not cutting myself, but I'm experiencing a lot of what you are right now. PM me if you want to talk. <3
  2. Dashie's Avatar
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    Alright. I will PM you.


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