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Just updating.

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I have a therapist. I've met with her, twice now. I like her. I'm very comfortable about talking to her and I even talk to her about my cutting quite a bit. She is a good listener and she asks good questions. She's just a good therapist is all. But, my depression and feeling of wanting to die and/or cut are still there.. but, I have to meet with a psychiatrist first to see if they can prescribe me medicine/antidepressants because a therapist can't give me medicine (she isn't qualified to do that). So yeah. I'll see how that goes. Meh.

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    Aww well done :) I'm glad you're taking the steps to get help :) I'll be meeting my counsellor for the first time tomorrow, so I hope it goes well for me. I really hope you stop cutting soon and start to feel better :)

    VM me if you need someone to talk to you :)
  2. Niji's Avatar
    I'm so glad you found a good therapist! Good luck with feeling better. I understand that feeling well. I've felt it many times in the past, but I've put it behind me after I located my 'shinning willpower in the darkness.' 'By merely believing in the arrival of tomorrow, my former stagnating self has disappeared.' 'Even if the path leading into tomorrow seems about to collapse, let's leap right onto it before we lose our determination.' (Sorry, I just love the song Braving by KANAN)
  3. Dashie's Avatar
    @fabfab; thank you :)

    and @ZeXaLavendrowzazeemontw0*; Thank you.


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