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I'm getting tired of this.

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by , 23rd August 2011 at 05:26 PM (434 Views)
i know a lot of my blog entries have been about my depression. I bet you guys are getting tired of this, but...here's another one. Aha...

I was browsing on the computer, for a while, on websites. I randomly got the thought...that I don't deserve to live, that I should just go suicide now. But, I didn't, luckily for you guys. My depression has gotten to the point where I can't even fake a smile around my parents anymore. I'm hardly smiling anymore, and it's only when my little sister cracks a joke or I see something funny, and that's it. My parents haven't suspected anything yet. but I think they might eventually...

And I'm not ready to tell them...

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  1. Buoy's Avatar
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    I know that I'm probably not the first person anyone should go to for advice, but I do know how you feel. I know how it is to be depressed, and I've been through this scenario a few times. But the thing is, you can't start getting better until you do tell someone that isn't the internet. I know how I felt during the last time I felt depressed/really upset - I didn't start to feel better until I had talked it over with someone else, namely my mother. Anyone will understand, or at least try to, as depression affects everyone at one point.

    However, don't ever feel that suicide is an option. Ever. Not only is it completely selfish (not to sound harsh), but it's unnecessary. No-one is born to end their life themselves. Please do talk this over with your parents. Things do get better, I promise.
  2. Dashie's Avatar
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    i will talk with my parents eventually ^^ thanks for the advice
  3. ChinYao's Avatar
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    Buoysel is right, actually. I struggled with depression as a Sophomore, but eventually I lost it and came out about my suicidal thoughts to my principal when I was recounting some bullying I had been suffering through. He then told my parents about it.

    And you know what? They didn't hate me, they weren't mad, my mom really understood because as a teen she had felt the same and it's hard--but it is so much easier when your parent knows because, believe it or not, sometimes they know exactly what you're talking about and can help.
  4. Dashie's Avatar
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    i know ^^ i'll try to tell my parents whenn i feel the time is right


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