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So I never got a therapist. But, I'm fine without it..I haven't cut...in a while. I still have bad thoughts and they may be recurring and crap but.. they're not so bad. I've managed to deal with them.

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  1. Altaïr Ibn La' Ahad's Avatar
    That's great :3
  2. Altaïr Ibn La' Ahad's Avatar
    Dealing with your problems is a good start.
  3. Synthesis's Avatar
    Keep on truckin'
  4. Pyradox's Avatar
    That's excellent, Dashie. Great to see you're feeling better.
  5. Kyumorph's Avatar
  6. Dashie's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the supportive comments.
  7. Pandantic's Avatar
    oh, I remember you from a couple of months ago. Good work if you are getting through it. At least your mum knows.
  8. Dashie's Avatar


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