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  1. thanksgiving contest entry

    this was an entry for a thanksgiving writing contest at my school a few years ago. I was supposed to write an essay from the perspective of a character from a novel, explaining what two people they would invite to thanksgiving diner. the prize for this competition was fifty dollars.
    Sam I am not, no my name is not that. Who am I then? I’m The Cat in the Hat! As of now I prepare to prepare for Thanksgiving, and I’d like to invite all ...
  2. Possible super villains

    these are just some profiles for super villains I came up with one day.
    Professor generic: a super villain with the characteristics and abilities of most generic super villains.

    claim to fame: discovered a way to talk to microscopic organisems, so far the only reply he's ever gotten back was muffled moaning and a squeaking sound from the microbes on the apartment wall between his bed room and his ...