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Look into my eyes... You see it don't you?

Hello there good sir/miss. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to the lonely life of a saddened young man.

  1. 4/27/11

    Pokemon Black quick review

    These amazing graphics are mostly shown in Crestelia city, were you battle the third gym...

    In this photo, you are walking through a vast city, normally your pokemon are lv. 14-17...
    Graphics are about 9/10

    This game has amazing gameplay, including moving ...
  2. 4/26/11

    Ok, I just ordered pizza, and now, life is good. I'm watching DragonBall Z right now as well
    I'm playing some Wii Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I was talking to Ghost a while ago too. I'll probably check my requests for a Pokemon Black battle as well.....Bye I guess.
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