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Look into my eyes... You see it don't you?

Hello there good sir/miss. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to the lonely life of a saddened young man.

  1. Infractions, Infractions... *Sigh*

    Why not? It'll give you guys something fun to read while I eat my donut :D

    Expired: Profile Infraction
    Copyright Violation
    28th April 2011 04:42 AM

    Iiiiii think I did something REALLY stupid on my profile or something, I really can't remember :P

    Multiple Posting
    27th April 2011

    Updated 25th May 2012 at 12:07 PM by $aturn¥oshi

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  2. Viva la Vida

    I beleive it was a Mexican painting made during the revolution. It roughly means Viva la = Celebrate, and Vida = Life. So
    Viva la Vida = Celebrate Life. Just a little trivia.
  3. A message for trolls.

    Keep trolling. You guys are funny as hell.
  4. Building a Time Machine.

    It sounds IMPOSSIBLE. But I really want to do it. Any suggestions?
  5. In the good ol' days of May 2011.

    Well, back in May 2011, I was boss. I knew like everyone, even if they weren't on my friend list. I was like Bruce Lee when he was still cool. Now? I feel like i'm Bruce Willis with no career, Yin withought Yang, a man withought a woman. You get the idea. I left because my life became way to busy for this site. A few months later I return. Theeeeeen I have to leave again, and I come back in a world were everything i've hoped for is gone. And i'm a bit too hardened to start over from scratch. Viva ...
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