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by , 11th November 2011 at 04:26 PM (221 Views)
I've known a girl and have been friends with her since preschool, who will, for the rest of this post, be known as Amber.

Amber continuously invites me to her house to sleep over on the weekends. For a while, I happily accepted her invitations, but for the past few months, I haven't wanted to go- our interests differ greatly, and she becomes upset when I disagree with her. However, my mother has been forcing me to go in order to get me out of the house, as my siblings and I fight quite often, especially when she is at work.
As always, Amber invited me over, and my mom forced me to go despite my begging her not to. It was even more awkward than usual this time.
She often invites her other friend over, whom I will identify as Jenna in this post. (I don't have a problem with Jenna at all; I consider her a good friend.) She and Jenna were dancing to some music. I felt awful yesterday, so I didn't want to dance. Eventually, Amber decided to turn off the music and sit on the couch, telling me to think of something we could all do, which she tends to do quite often. She and Jenna told me they felt bad because I wasn't dancing with them, and also that they were going to sit there until I thoght of something.
At one point, we started talking, and I accidentally said something that sounded extremely rude to Amber. I quickly apologized, but she walked away, crying. For ten horrendous minutes, Jenna and I simply sat on the couch, saying nothing to each other as I silently wished I were less moronic. Amber came back later, acting cheerful, but the rest of the night and the day that followed were quite awkward. My relentless stupidity led me to do stupid things and upset her. I wanted very much to leave, and I think they heard me talking to my mother on the phone, asking her when she could pick me up. (I was in another room when I talked to her, though.)
When my mother finally arrived to pick me up, she pointed out that Amber and Jenna seemed a bit angry while we drove away. I didn't tell her exactly what happened, so she is going to call Amber's mother to find out.

Damn me and my lack of intelligence and social skills.

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    I understood that ^
    It goes with time, we learn with time not to be so much of an idiot.


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