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A wild jokool reappeared!

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What's up everyone? Hope everything's been going great for all of you!

So yeah, I haven't been very active here lately (been like a month or two since I actually did anything... ), but I'm here now, so I figured I'd give a little update as to what's going on in my life right now.

Mainly been catching up on some anime/manga I've been wanting to check out lately, hanging around the Pit Stop, plus some other stuff.

One really big thing that's happen for me lately is that, after almost 3 years of searching for one, I finally have a job!

It's nothing big, but I'm very excited about it and getting a good paycheck out of it!

And that's about it for me. I'll try to be more active here again, but I can't make any promises since I'm working now and don't have as much time on the internet.

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Welcome back! Glad to hear you got a job :D

    And if you want someone to duel, I'll (almost) always be up for it.


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