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What a surprise!

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Well, earlier today, a UPS truck came and delivered a very special package: My copy of Black 2!

Came with a nice note too:

I was a bit surprised that it came today since today is Columbus Day and the Post Office is closed for the day, and also that the game just came out yesterday. I mean, wow! This is the earliest I've ever gotten a new Pokemon game! I'm so excited right now.

So far, I've gotten my starter (I chose Oshawott again), and now I'm currently checking out Aspertia City.

And before I forget, I'd like to thank @Archaic; and all the other staff members for this!

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  1. Blaze-Boy's Avatar
    You lucky guy.
  2. Archaic's Avatar
    Apologies for the kind of impersonal note. ^^;;;
  3. Yuko's Avatar
  4. jokool's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Archaic
    Apologies for the kind of impersonal note. ^^;;;
    Nah, it was fine. No need to apologize.


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