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The Second Annual Bulbagarden Dueling Network Duel Tournament: Round 3!

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After many hard fought duels, we have 5 duelists who have stood out from the rest and are ready for the next round! Those lucky duelists are:

@Railgun of Gusto;
And myself!

We still have one duel from the second round between @SnorlaxMonster; and @Booster Gold; to determine the final spot in the third round.

So without further delay, let's see what the bracket looks like for round 3:

With that, the third round will now begin! Good luck to all remaining duelists!

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    I'm dead. XDDD
  2. Scarlet Devil's Avatar
    Oh, this is gonna be quite the third round. Random Alien wishing you guys good luck
  3. jokool's Avatar
    I'm sure you'll do just fine Karis.
  4. Niji's Avatar
    Good luck, guys! Feel dat flow!
  5. jokool's Avatar
    Dat Madolche swarm.... XD

    I have lost to BoomShakaLarka and his multiple Madolche Monsters, which means that BoomShakaLarka will be moving on to the semifinals!

    Screenshot of duel:

    With that, we have 1 duel down and 2 to go (well, 3 counting the second round duel happening later):

    Doctor jokool Vs. BoomShakaLarka
    Karis Vs. Railgun of Gusto
    Updated 17th March 2013 at 04:09 PM by jokool
  6. Karisse's Avatar
    Intense match.

    Wait a sec...there's only three duelists in this next round. How will the finals be decided?
    Updated 17th March 2013 at 01:49 PM by Karisse
  7. jokool's Avatar
    Congratulations @Karis;!

    Also, I thought about that the other day. I was thinking about a wild card round with the 3 duelists who lost. Winner get's the final spot in semifinals (and no, I'm not saying that because I lost :I).
  8. YouArePrettyGood's Avatar
    @Doctor jokool;
    Just try round robin, first. I don't like revenge matches.
  9. jokool's Avatar
    That's what I was thinking. So, the wildcard round would look something like this:

    Me: Gusto, 3rd Duelist
    Gusto: Me, 3rd Duelist
    3rd Duelist: Me, Gusto

    Person who wins more duels moves on. That sound good?
  10. YouArePrettyGood's Avatar
    @Doctor jokool;
    Not to me. :<
    I was saying do a round robin for the finals, not to decide who comes in for a revenge match.
  11. ScarletSky's Avatar
    I'd swear you were in control of this tourney Boom, with all of this disagreeing and such. =w=;
  12. jokool's Avatar
    But I want my revenge!

    Okay, okay. Final round will be a round robin playoff between the final 3 duelists.
  13. jokool's Avatar
    Real quick, I'm going to write this out before I forget it:

    After this round is complete, the finals will begin. The 3 remaining duelists will compete in a round robin style playoff. Each duelists must face each opponent once and play 2 single duels with no siding.

    There will be a points system to help determine the final results. Each duelists will start out with 10(?) points. For each win, that person will receive 5(?) points. For each loss, that person will lose 5(?) points (I'll go over the number of points before the round starts to make sure it works out). Final positions will be determined by number of total points at the end of the playoff (from greatest to least).
  14. Karisse's Avatar
    No siding? o_o Well, this'll make things...interesting...
  15. YouArePrettyGood's Avatar
    @Doctor jokool;
    To clarify, you're saying that each of the finalists will play 4 duels total in this round robin?
  16. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Hm. Let's say... one player wins Game one. Then his opponent wins the next single. I'm assuming they'd go onto a 3rd single to decide who wins, right? Like in a match?
  17. jokool's Avatar
    @BoomShakaLarka; Correct.
    @Mizuhashi; Nope, just the 2 duels. Since there's a points system, the other duels should determine the final positions. If there's a tie, then a tiebreaker match will determine the final position.

    If there's a 3 way tie, then......... Um...... Let's hope that doesn't happen.

    Also, I think the points system will be like this instead: Start off with 4 points. Wins give 2 points. Losses subtract 1 point from total. So the maximum number of points you can earn is 12, while the minimum is 0.
  18. jokool's Avatar
    @SnorlaxMonster; @Booster Gold; Did you ever get your match done?

    Also, to the other duelists left in the tournament ( @BoomShakaLarka; @Karis; @ExxodKingOfDemise;), I might do something to speed up things here. Let me know if you like the idea or not:

    As soon as Booster Gold and SnorlaxMonster are done with their duel (or if they have done it by now), we will head into the semifinal round. The matchup will be BoomShakaLarka Vs. Karis and ExxodKingOfDemise Vs. the winner of the match between Booster Gold and SnorlaxMonster. After those matches are done, the winners will move onto the final round. Winner of that match wins the tournament.
  19. Jistonmyface's Avatar
    @SnorlaxMonster; Unfortunately he haven't gotten are duel done yet. I'm hoping we can get it done before the weekend is over.
  20. YouArePrettyGood's Avatar
    Interesting. I'm okay with that if Hyper doesn't mind the winner of Booster Gold / SnorlaxMonster vs Exxod getting a bye.
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