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  1. I just hatched a shiny Cubone with a good nature and good IVs and the best ability!

    I'm happy! :]]]

    It'll be a staple in my Flying/Ground Gym Team for Pokémon Arena! :D
  2. SOUL Badge looks like a HEART D:

    liek omg

    [7:45:52 PM] Shane: I was playing Puzzle League
    [7:45:54 PM] Rachel: Awesome
    [7:45:55 PM] Rachel: HAI
    [7:46:01 PM] Shane: I noticed that the Soul Badge looks like a Heart
    [7:46:12 PM] Rachel: Liek rly
    [7:46:31 PM] Shane: Well, I knew it already, but the whole HEARTGold and SOULSilver made it cool
    [7:46:40 PM] Rachel: ooh
    [7:46:43 PM] Shane: I got the Cascade Badge and thought about the other badges Kanto has when it hit me