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Pokemon Black and White review

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I originaly made this post in a thread asking what I thought of Pokemon Black and White, and thought it would be a good idea to blog it as a review. This is my first blog here, so here goes: They saved the best DS Pokemon games for last. Gen IV added a lot of great new features and connectivity innovations, but the mostly lackluster Pokemon brought them down a bit. Then Black and White came along with what I think is the best new Pokemon lineup in the series, along with adding more to Gen IV`s solid battling foundation and making it better (not exactly balanced, but certainly better). I also, in my opinion, think the graphics improved signifigantly over Gen IV with the animated sprites and overall prettier aesthetic. The storyline was much better than previous games as well, with great characters like N and most of the gym leaders So basically, Black and White are the best in the series imo. I give it 10/10

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